In the past say about before 10 years ago Tradies to some people were aligned with working class, low income people, lower class people, uneducated people, low intelligent people.

Take the say called educated people, people say educated at University and have a degree. Such people in the past were known as the upper class people, the people of noble birth, the elite.

SEE in the past only the rich people could afford to send their children to University except when poor people achieved so well academically that they were given scholarships. But scholarships in the past for the poor were far and few between.

The tradesmen in the past sent their children in to apprenticeships; in those days it was common for a apprenticeship term to last 5 years.
University was for an education, a universal education. Apprenticeships were for training in a manual hands on skill.

Now-a-days every Tom and Dick and Gloria can get in to University. Parents of good parenthood encourage their children to go to University. The Government pays students to go to University. They call it long term loans that you pay back when you start working.

BUT while all these children are now going to University and TAFE’S the country has become short of tradesmen. Who is fixing the toilets? Who is repairing the wiring? Who is repairing our gas stoves and gas heaters? Hey everyone is going to say TAFE or University. BUT now we do not need lots of students going to University or TAFE we now need lots of students training in a trade. Apprenticeships have been going by the board. Few people now offer apprenticeships.

So the present tradesmen are living “The life of Riley”. The tradesmen know they are few in number so they now charge very high costs. I mean just to repair a toilet could put you back hundreds of dollars. And don’t you feel ripped of by tradesmen when they repair your home items, and you just have to pay up, what else can you do.

Tradesmen are now the new upper class. I personally like it that way.

So a hands on skill is more important than learning academia theory.

We need tradesmen for all our fix its. So we have no choice but to pay up. Tradesmen now can choose their jobs. They might come or they might not come. If you offer more money it might get the tradesmen to come.

Are the trades also for the women too? Maybe, maybe not. When it comes to a skilled hands on job it is usually men that do such work. In the past women were known as the fairer sex and did not work as builders, plumbers, gas fitters, electricians, brick layers, mechanics, carpenters, farmers, lathe operators, etc.

So what is it God? Do women do such jobs mentioned or do they sit better as say dress makers, dress designers, embroiders, knitters, sewing, house keepers, school teachers, nurses, etc.

Let’s be honest when we call for say a plumber or electrician to come to our home, seldom, NO not at all, would a woman come.

So does God type (type of jobs) set jobs for women and for men. So are there some jobs God has for both male and female but are a lot of the jobs different for males and females.

Why are women not plumbers? Why are women not lathe operators? Why are women not electricians? Why are women not builders? Why are women not carpenters?

Is there a trait in men’s and women’s genes that align with our jobs; like jobs that are more feminine for the females and jobs that are more masculine for the males.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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One Response to “TRADESMEN”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I agree with this. The landscape is definately changing. I work with a lot of Tradies who are doing very well for themselves.

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