I went on a holiday.
Wow where did you go?
To a quiet place where “mans” (his/her) own noise and “mans” (his/her) inventions noise is minimal.
Did you go to any museums?
Did you see any art galleries?
Did you go to the beach and swim?
Did you go for many long walks?
Did you see lots of great architecture buildings?
What did you do?
I looked, I listened, I smelt, I tasted.
What did you see?
I saw the clouds, I saw the sheep in the fields, I saw birds flying over head, I saw people’s faces, I saw my wife’s smile, I saw grass hoppers, I saw small lizards, I saw butterfly’s.
What did you hear?
I heard the baaing of the sheep, I heard the cows mooing, I heard the grass hoppers clicking sounds, I heard my wife talking to me, I heard the birds chirping, I heard the wind.
What did you smell?
I smelt the flowers, I smelt my food at meal times, I smelt the freshness of my wife, I smelt the manure on the fields.
What did you taste?
I tasted my food at meal times, I tasted the freshness of my wife’s skin when I kissed her lips and cheek.
But what did you do?
I just told you.
There were two sisters, one named Mary and the other Martha. Jesus was nearby he was on his way to visit Mary and Martha. Mary went out to greet Jesus. Martha stayed home and cleaned and cleaned and set the table and cooked the food. Mary welcomed Jesus in to the sisters home and then Mary sat at Jesus feet and listened to him. Mary savoured every word that Jesus said. Mary kept her eyes on Jesus. Mary smelt Jesus clothes. Jesus gave off a heavenly beautiful fragrance. Martha complained to Jesus; “Mary is lazy, she does no work, while I toil day and night”. Jesus said, “Martha Martha, your sister is doing the better thing”. But Martha nevertheless went back to her work and Mary continued to stay beside Jesus. (An account of Mary and Martha is in the Bible).

The bible says: “Be still and listen to God”.

To come off the treadmill of life is hard because once you are off it you might not want to go back on it.

Is it really boring to know God through ones senses. To stop and sense God through Gods creation. Get away from all the inventions of “Man”. No sensing of “Mans” inventions. Sensing what God made not what “Man” made. Artificial (Manmade) is dulling people’s minds. Artificiality is actually perverting mankind.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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