A very interesting movie. I recommend this movie to all. It’s about judging and forgiveness and a mothers love for her son (vice versa). Near the end of the movie the journalist confronts an elderly nun about her lying and misleading Philomena. This nun says “Jesus Christ is my only judge”.

I say this is interesting because are not the nuns judging Philomena. The nuns judge yet at the same time say that only Jesus is the judge. The nun in question, now aged in years, speaks about her chastity. Oh I think “how good you are, you are no sinner”. Then in the bible the part where two men are in the temple; one man a rich man prays out to God aloud “God I am glad I am not like that sinner over there, I give my tithes to the temple I live a righteous life”. The other man beats his breast and says quietly “God I am a sinner please forgive me”.

The nuns seem to uphold a religion that makes them think they are self righteous. No one is without sin. The nuns lied. The nuns thought that they were better than other people. To be chaste is fine, but do it without making a noise. Don’t tell the world. Like prayer we do not pray out loud for all to see, we pray to God so do it in secret. Also the same for example fasting; we fast without showing we are fasting, keep it a secret between you and God. So to be chaste keep it between you and God.

So probably a lot of nuns should not be nuns. Very few people should lead a celibate life. Nuns think they are so important because they live celibate for God. Now its good to be celibate but few should follow that path. Most women should marry. Marriage is a covenant with God too. Marriage is good. The elderly nun that was confronted said “Jesus will be my judge” but Philomena also can say “Jesus will be my judge”. The nun lied, the nun had unforgiveness, the nun mislead. Both the nuns and Philomena need forgiveness – Jesus does forgive – but one has to confess first. Philomena lived a life feeling guilty – did she confess – but the nuns did not forgive but no doubt God forgave Philomena. To be honest I could sit down to tea with Philomena because she forgave the nuns but sitting down with self righteous nuns is tolerable but not comfortable.
True Religion is about LOVE. Love forgives.

But the nuns are so trying to mortify the flesh. Nuns should not have associated themselves with women who had children out of wedlock. The Catholic Church took on a responsibility that they failed at. But who would have helped these women and children; would the Government have helped if the church had not helped. It was hard times in the past, a lot of people were poor. The church carries on failing but what and who is the church?

We the church sin we are not perfect, we continue to sin, we need to confess to God regularly, only Jesus was without sin. We must wash spiritually regularly just as we wash physically regularly. Dirt and getting dirty is part of life we can not escape the spiritual dirt or the physical dirt. But we can wash and wash often.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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