Nelson Mandela – Freedom Fighter (Mandela, a long walk to freedom – the movie)

Today I saw the movie; “Mandela, a long walk to freedom”. Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years.
Nelson was one of the leaders of the ANC, the African National Congress.

Nelson did help in some violence but he had no direct links here in hands on violence. He mainly organised for example some bombings.
Nelson was seen by the white Government as the best black leader for them to negotiate with because Nelson talked of equality with blacks and whites and no revenge if the blacks took power. Nelson was the choice leader by the whites. Nelson was in prison and had very little contact with the outside, he was not organising any violence while he was in prison. But while Nelson was in prison the blacks were causing violence against the whites. The white government were getting scared; too often violence was being done. Nelson’s second wife Winnie was condoning the violence and encouraging it. The whites wanted an end to the violence and Nelson was seen as the solution. Nelson wanted equality for blacks by their having the vote thus a democratic rule for all. The whites could let Nelson rule them because Nelson promised no revenge against the whites.

My thought: without the violence the whites would not have given power over to the blacks. The violence was making the nation unstable.

Nelson was chosen by the whites to lead the nation. Of course the whites first declared equal votes for all voting age people (white and black people) but the whites knew and encouraged Nelson’s popularity with the blacks of South Africa.

Apartheid just pushed black people’s faces in the mud. The more apartheid and laws against the blacks the more the blacks got angry. It was like a cauldron boiling ready to boil over and it did boil over. There were too many blacks, the whites were the minority, it was only time when the blacks would push and manifest physically their anger against the whites and their draconian rule. If I was black skinned living in South Africa in the time of apartheid I too would have been angry against the white rule. No person in their right mind would want to live as the blacks did under apartheid. A lot of people may see that if not for violence apartheid might still be ruling South Africa.

Jesus does not condone physical violence; Jesus uses WORDS to fight his battles. The Word to the Christian is his sword. Fight with Words.

BUT let us look at another example of racialism. The Confederate states of the USA in the past. These Confederate states condoned slavery of black people. These Confederates did not enslave white people only black people were enslaved and these were black people from African descent. This slavery was based on the colour of ones skin. If one was black skin then you can be enslaved by the Confederates. Now the civil war came and I think about 800,000 people/soldiers died in this war. This war was about slavery. Slavery is about racialism and slavery is about money; making money out of slaves. Slaves become the white owners property. The slaves do not work for wages.

Why I mention the USA Civil War is because this war was violent, physical violence on a very big scale. Without this violence maybe there would still be slavery in the Confederate states. Violence here gave freedom to the black slaves.

Violence gave freedom to the blacks in South Africa from the white mans rule and the white mans apartheid.

So how do we justify physical violence when Jesus Christ is not in to physical violence. Jesus is about LOVE, FORGIVENESS, TOLERANCE.

Moses law is: “Do unto others what they do to you”.

The whites in South Africa physically attacked blacks in their enforcing apartheid.

Maybe the blacks were just living out the Moses law.

Jesus would say we are in a spiritual warfare. Fight with spiritual weapons. We are battling for control over our souls and hearts. Spirit first then physical body. Spirit before flesh.

But not everyone is Christian.

The blacks have their nation back. They fought and won. Not everyone is wise of God. Apartheid was wrong. Equality is right. Democracy is good. All humans are equal. All humans are in the image of God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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