I remember in the past “Adults always spoke the truth, children lied”. Also “Adults words always over rode children’s words”. And “Children were to stay silent and not talk when adults were talking together”.

So in the past it was an adults life. Children were inferior to adults.

In the past also the husband was the authority in the home. Husbands if they took to violence against their wives, the wives mostly took it and kept quiet. In the past police were seldom called to scenes of domestic violence. And when they did go to such a scene they heard out the husband over the wife. In the past husbands were the wage workers, the wives worked at home they were house wives. Its a lot different now-a-days a lot of women now earn wages. Because women now earn a wage, and a lot of women now have what we call “qualifications” the women can be independent of men and their power in being the earning one. Money is power in this world; but a deceptive power. The wisdom of Christ breaks this power.

And in the past if children went to the police and reported that adults were sexually abusing them the police would call them liars and send them straight back to be under the control of the adult abusers.

So people may wonder why a lot of people go crazy in this world. Its a mad world but people make other people go mad.

You could also say humans are just manifesting the devil spirits that have a hold over people’s minds and hearts. Yes we can say its a spiritual fault. We can lay all the blame at the Devils feet. BUT humans have a choice – do evil or do good, obey God or obey the Devil.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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