12 Years a Slave (The Movie)

The movie “12 Years a Slave”. Saw it. I felt depressed during this movie. I even felt like leaving the movie early but I nevertheless held out to the end.

Reminds me of my so called depressed state under “mans wisdom” (male and female) persevering to the end to break the shackles of “mans thinking” (human – male and female) off my life. “Mans wisdom” (male and female) is so unnatural, its artificial. Actually “mans wisdom” is perverse and I was under its hold. Only through Jesus Christ’s wisdom can one break free of human wisdom. So it’s no holiday to be under the authority of these spirits of the world.

Slavery is an abomination. Its a miserable condition to be in. For a person of conscious living under slavery it might make one go mad.

I thought of homosexuality. I used to detest the act of homosexuality. I still do in ways. Buggery does not please me at all. BUT buggery is not just akin to homosexuals. Buggery is a perverseness that heterosexuals engage in; from the church high minded to the called (so called celibate) priests. Later in life the world (including me) might see the folly of our treatment of homosexuals.

As I said I have detested homosexuality but I am now seeing the discrimination here.

The church in the future (what really is the true church) might see the gross wrongs that they have committed against homosexuals.

The church has over the centuries done gross harm against dark skinned people. The USA was a home of racialism in a very big way. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated; why? Obviously because he instigated a war against the Southern States to stop slavery.
The USA Civil War was about slavery (And racialism). Lincoln can only be looked at as being a martyr for the dark skinned people. Lincoln was a saint.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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