Today I had occasion to reflect on clouds that I saw in the sky. I was on a commuter bus. I was looking out of the bus window. I glanced up. I saw clouds in the sky. The clouds looks magnificent. I am always impressed by clouds; well not always. Let’s say since I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord my awe of clouds has increased 10 fold. But before my conversion (but let’s say my soul conversion is an on going process; just like a plant grows, it takes time) I saw very little correlation between God and clouds. Actually this correlation is indirectly linked to God rather than a direct link.

I was in a bus today and I was looking out the bus window at clouds in the sky and I thought; I mused on my sight of the clouds; I saw more then just clouds, I saw and reflected on INSIGHT. I saw clouds but my mind went back to some of my former times looking at clouds. I noticed a difference between now and former cloud observations. I saw and acknowledged a change in my insight. I just knew that my insight was growing / developing. I could now look at clouds with much more intensity; I could see much more 3 dimensional. I thought insight has 3 dimensional just as ordinary physical sight has 3 dimensional. I thought now I was seeing more clearer I was seeing more truth. I thought, insight and sight have 3 dimensional, does thinking have 3 dimensional? Can you think 3 dimensional? I mean come in to a subject from many angles in thought. Comparative examples of other changes could be seeing in colour rather than black and white or digital rather than analogue.

But is our thinking co ordinated by our insight. We can be say very wise; I mean we can in human spirit and soul be very moral and behave sinless but this is not enough we need the insight to make the excellence. I suppose to be wise one would then naturally have insight, meaning wisdom and insight go together, maybe so.

So cloud observation can inform one about ones insight. But I think one has to be wise first to have insight. So my age is gaining on me, I am getting older, older but wiser and more insightful. I so just love insight and wisdom. I know from my past what it was like to lack wisdom and insight (I had little of either in my younger past) so I treasure such attributes with gladness knowing wisdom and insight are so very very precious.

So to be wise and insightful is to know God. We see God 3 dimensional human spirit to God Spirit. We see God’s creation in 3 dimensional. What a lovely blessing. We are on cloud 9.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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