Today I had an interesting episode. It happened in the briefest of time but I have mulled over it in my mind a few times since. I am a thinker. There must be a lot of thinkers in this world. I mean thinking can be a very nice thing to do. I have thought many interesting enlightening things over my time.

In my former state of “lost soul” and “depraved mind” I did not have enlightened thoughts; how could I? I then was not in the light of God, I was in the dark, my spirit and soul were full of sin either it be just my sins or both my sins and the sins of my ancestors passed down to me; what we call generational sins (the bible calls it generational sins). So dirty nest, dirty people. Dirty parents, dirty nest, dirty children and so forth continuing on down the generations. BUT this cycle of sins through generations of families can stop at the CROSS of JESUS CHRIST. So we can become part of the washed people.

Back to my interesting episode; I was thinking and I thought this episode and my enlightened thinking about it deserves public mention; why? Because the enlightenment brought about by this episode may help people better understand God and people. I was in this large department store in the city. I was walking along and saw someone I instantly recognised though I had to look a few intent times to make sure I was right in my analysis of who it was. But I was quite sure it was who I thought it was. This man was dressed very casually I mean even his shirt was hanging out which to me seemed odd as I knew this man, especially in the past, would not on occasions like this walked around so casually dressed. What I mean this man used to be a big profile figure in Australia, he used to be a member of parliament for a lot of his previous life. He was a high ranking Federal cabinet minister for many years. So such a person in the past used to be in the public eye and so he would have dressed more fitting incase media for example were around. He in his time dined and wined with nations Presidents and Prime Ministers. Now he gave up all this status and maybe pomp to settle for a regular job. I mean he did surprise a lot of people when he retired from politics; he surprised even me. I had respect for this man in how he handled himself and others during his reign at the so called top. He had very important positions in Government. I think he was generally well liked and may have made a good Prime Minister one day. So I see this man, just for a minute or two. But I see more than what I see with the physical eye. I see and think. I consider; a man that has a decent nature. I don’t see evil. It is like I see him but really see him. I wonder here is a man that mixed with the so called high flyers of the world. I thought what could be his real true God given calling, and it came to me a “Shoe Salesman”. I thought yes his face matches exactly what I would consider a shoe salesman would truly look like in the face. But I thought; but this man has been high up in politics and Government surely he can not really be a shoe salesman. But no I thought he looked like a shoe salesman and the match to me looks right. I thought, how can people like this man be informed of their true God calling? I thought no they can not. How can you tell a high flyer that you are a shoe salesman? The problem always comes down to money. I considered and thought it was money that is the issue of career choices. Shoe salesman do not get big pay like a politician. Now I understand the man in question is now a practicing lawyer. Lawyers earn big money. So people love money more than they love God. And Satan deceives people. Satan obviously does not want people to serve God. Maybe there is a metaphorical veil over the people of the world.

So what is it about me and discerning people’s true God callings. I think people on a whole would turn on me if I told them their true calling. And the people that were in their true calling and I confirm this to them would probably be indifferent to me. The ones not in Gods calling might voice their concerns about my so called state of mind if I told them their true calling. Alas such is what we humans are like. We put Jesus on the cross, we put thorns on Jesus head, we said “Jesus has a demon in him”, we said to Jesus “you tried to save others save yourself”. THE WORLD DOES NOT UNDERSTAND. Now Jesus while still alive on the cross prayed to the Father God saying “forgive them (all of us the people) for they do not understand”. Sad but true we the world still do not understand. It is easier to say “Jesus is mad he has a demon in him” than to understand. And does the world really want to understand?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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