First its a US auction; like hunting and the US go together. Hunting goes with guns; thus the USA and guns and hunting. Then there’s money, a lot of money; guns, hunting and money lead to the USA. The USA is like the old western movies; when a lot of people carried guns. I mean me as a child I was brought up on the movies from Hollywood about the Wild West. So the USA has a big gun culture. It’s like every man and woman for themselves.

In Australia I do not expect any of my neighbours to own guns. And I do not expect any of my neighbours to be wild life hunters. Here in Australia usually you think of only the criminals to have guns; and the police too; and some farmers. But not your neighbours in your suburbia street. So killing this black rhino is just for fun; it’s not about a need; it’s not about hunting for food to survive; it’s merely to kill life for fun, it’s killing for a thrill. And OF COURSE its about MONEY. African people get the $390,000. Why do these hunters not find some other way to get their thrills? Life is sacred. You kill Gods creatures only if needed. (And do not kill human to human). You respect all life.

The Africans are poor so they sell whatever assets they have and black rhinos are one of the few assets they have of value. Africans are poor for reasons. So Mother Nature has not been kind to Africa. Actually the mothers in Africa are treated with gross disrespect by their own people. Also the Africans on a large scale do not follow the wisdom of God. You see the remnants of Witch craft; the old system of Witch doctors. Islam a barbarian religion also holds a lot of Africans in soul/mind bondage to evil dark forces.

So dark forces control in Africa. Most African Governments are corrupt through and through. Governments do not submit to Jesus.

The early missionaries did evangelise Africa, but I think, because the early missionaries were mainly white people they held sentiments of racialism and looked down on black people as inferior and not worthy to be looked on as equal with white people. Black people were used as the white persons servants. Black coloured people as in most countries have always distrusted white people (including early missionaries) because of the white persons racialism.

The aboriginal people in Australia on a large scale also distrust the white people. The aboriginals were excluded on a large scale from equality with white people because of the colour of skin. We now have a race of people (Aboriginals) in Australia that are marginalised people because of the colour of their skin.

Black skin, for a lot of white person, is disdained. A lot of white people are racist. So Africans are marginalised because of the colour of their skin.

So what are the big discriminations in this current world?

(1) Racialism
(2) Homosexuality
(3) Disability (physical and includes mental disability – intellectual and psychiatric).
(3) Females (especially in barbarian cultures)

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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