Why do I say vanity in relation to callings? Simply because I perceive that people are so very vain in their supposed callings. Call calling a career or job or work or vocation. I perceive that most people do not work in their God intended calling/vocation. I see an enormous vanity about people and their vocations.

Recently I was contemplating on people I knew and know and their true God callings. I could see that very few people were in Gods calling for their lives. I thought that these people were living very vain lives. But I thought that these people must at least be earning some sort of kudos with God when they enter the next life, especially if these people were doing good works. Yes there must be kudos for good works even if people miss the mark and work at a vocation not in Gods will. I thought of people I knew like when I was young working at a Government Department in NZ and perceived their true God vocations and none of them were in Gods true vocation. Let me put an example: one lady was a maid and she looks like a maid you perceive it in her looks like especially her face; another lady was a cinema usher, I mean she looks it too. Now if I confronted and told these two women of my perceptions no doubt they might say I have a demon in me that I was mad. See they worked hard for many years, achieving, yet to be told that all such works are in vain, that would make them angry. If Jesus came and told them likewise that they were/are working in vain no doubt Jesus would get his marching orders too. To be told that their working life is all in vain after say working most of your life like 40 to 50 years is like a cruel medicine.

But Gods will can only be found in Gods Wisdom. And Gods wisdom can only be found in Jesus Christ. When I think of all the people who boasted to me about their career/vocation I in hindsight now think such boasting is so stupid. Can you laugh, no, because Gods will is not vanity or a joke, its serious. People boast about how much money they earn, how they were promoted – all such talk is vain and stupid.
True vocation is in spirit. It’s like you must get right down to spirit level to understand true vocation. Spirit is in heart.

When people work in the wrong vocation they are playing hectic with their heart. They work but they are not working, their spirit and heart never satisfied. They feel in their hearts that they are not really working so they may try and work harder to try and overcome the guilt of feeling not working. Such just makes the heart worse and such puts much pressure on the heart and their heart suffers; heart attacks are common. The heart is a simple organ. We must treat our true vocation in total simplicity. Our true work is healthy for our heart and soul and body.

Keep ones life in true simplicity, no idol worship, no money worship, one wife or husband, ONE God, One brain, one body, one church, one universe, one earth. The expression of our true work is plain simplicity. Be truthful. Never lie.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.





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