Either it’s rock stars, pop stars, Hollywood stars; people worship stars. Then there’s the worship of the sun; the sun worshippers. The sun is a star. Then there’s those people who study the stars; there’s astrology and there’s astro physics.

People worship what’s above in physical form. A lot of scientists are declared Atheists. These atheist scientists think that worshipping the Jesus star is all poppycock a religion for the simple uneducated people. Scientists are known for their worship of the physical heavenly bodies and this includes the suns. Scientists look to their salvation from the physical heavens above. These scientists are searching for life up in the physical heavens. Such people look to knowledge that is not spiritual of God but is knowledge of just straight physical.

God is within. Gods kingdom is within. We the elect of God carry the kingdom of God within us. True knowledge is of Spirit of God and comes in to our hearts. Man in his folly looks for life outside earth in the physical. Life is in the spirit. Spirit saves the soul. Science in this world in its pure form is atheistic and Godless.

The photo shows the star above the infant Jesus Christ. The star depicts the star of Jesus Christ. We follow only one star; we worship only one star; we idolise only one star; Stars are above; Jesus is above; we worship and follow only the Star of Jesus Christ. True knowledge needs to come to our human spirit. That is why God sends His Holy Spirit in to our hearts. The human spirit learns the truth. The truth is not in worshipping the physical heavens or stars on this earth or above; the true star to worship is in Spirit. Our body carries the fullness of understanding and salvation not in worshipping all mans wisdom. TRUE WORSHIP IS IN SPIRIT not in the physical. Salvation is not out there. Salvation is not on other planets or suns. Salvation is within.

Live a very simple life and you might find salvation; a simple life in the flesh but wise in the heart. Live simple on the outside in this world but wise inside. Yes there is a life within; a living kingdom life within; a spiritual life within.

Science makes learning in the physical clever. Satan deceives. Satan led the first man and woman away from true Spiritual knowledge. The first man and woman were led away from the Tree Of Life. Scientists may say in their foolishness that the Bible is nonsense; but they themselves are deceived. Adam the first scientist (after the Fall) thought he was clever. Eve collaborated with the Devil to see Adam fall. The woman maybe jealous that Adam was first and that she was second to Adam. Ever since the fall women entice men to fall.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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