I have now a vexing. I considered my vexing. I saw that vexing can be considered from a number of angles. I think that vexing can at times try and consume you (in this case me because I am vexed) and as such the vexing (troubling) can be emphasised over all other things. So we must put the vexing in perspective so that we do not go on a path of madness. Hey being consumed can lead to madness. It’s like being eaten alive. Being eaten can make any creature go mad. But I in spirit; hey I am now in spirit, in other words I take all consumption in spirit now not flesh. In my younger days I was consumed in flesh but now for many years I have been in spirit in my dealings with this world and all in it. God has wizened up my spirit and He God is present in my heart in Spirit so no one can consume me, but they can try and consume me and in this trying they vex me, vex my heart. I can tolerate this vexing because I do not really suffer this vexing in the flesh only in spirit and spirit can just about take anything. Spirit is like the wind, it comes and goes, and can go far. God protects me from the enemy. So what thoughts did I consider to put vexing in a better perspective? I thought of subjective and objective. I thought that to keep vexing in subjective too much is not good. Feelings go with subjective and vexing can be a lot about feelings and not enough about facts. So to objective the vexing can make facts of these feelings. We look at subjective through the eyes of objective ness. Objective is to fact the problems (vexing is problematic). Feelings should not rule. Feelings are of the heart. The heart and the world do not rule. God rules above in fact, call it truth. Feelings are not always about truth. Feelings can lead you astray. Facts keep a level head and facts are about the head. Heavens are above. Heaven rules. So I thought if I was vexed heavily I could move to another location and try and make sense of the vexation (vexing can follow you to another location but in moving one can better understand the vexing). Sense comes from the head (senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling; all in the head). So making sense is being objective. So to move away to another place I may move away from the source of the vexation (to move in this case can help me). To vex me one has also to vex the Spirit of God within me. So people suffer. Heart attacks happen. Flesh suffers. The heart is simple and can just take so much. Trying to force the heart to take on more like forcing exercise on it when it is full of sins just aggravates the situation. Too much exercise (on a sinful heart) can kill people. So to be wise of God gives a long life. It may not be always a pleasant happy life but it can be a life of good health and longevity. Wisdom of Jesus is about health. So cursing people, hating people, lying to people, stealing from people, unforgiveness, all just brings on unhealthiness to heart and flesh. All words either are for good health or bad health. Words can help or hinder. We live the fruits of our words in our later lives. In our youth – flesh, body, and material are so much more important to us than spirit, so in youth we do not understand WORDS and their living importance. Only in later life might we make more sense of words. Words in our youth are really just seeds so seeds show very little, it is only in older age do we suffer or enjoy the fruits of those grown up seeds. Such is life. Life can be like a garden. We have our own personal gardens. Spiritual gardens.

You are in your heart in spirit and flesh. It only makes sense to be wise of God in heart for your spirit. And to die to the flesh man in your heart and live for God in your heart. All your connections with other people in spirit and flesh derives from your heart. The mind called the soul lives above in the head and is saved. The soul rests. The soul is saved.

Invite Jesus Christ in to your heart (in to your life). Say “Jesus Christ please come in to my heart and be my Lord”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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