God’s callings such a touchy subject because there are so many books written on the subject but still people do not understand the gist of it all. I have had some thoughts on callings but have not analysed it too much. I have discovered that only through wisdom and insight of God can one find their true calling. I think of a person and can perceive their calling. I think with insight. Wisdom comes to the heart but in heart to human spirit. We humans are essentially spirit and soul. We think in soul helped by spirit. Spirit has the gifts from God (spiritual gifts) and these gifts in spirit help our souls and bodies. In helping body and soul these gifts are really helping the one whole body of Christ, the true church. I perceive callings I see a person in minds eye and can understand their God given calling. When I see this calling I see a correlation between their physical looks like the look of their face and their calling. The facial features correlate with their calling. Such features make sense of their calling. This sense confirms their calling.

An Example
My time at Bible College. I perceive the callings of the college lecturers. The first teacher I met and had an interview with to discuss my enrolment he looks like a army major. The second teacher I saw for an interview he looks like a barman. And my last interview was spent with a teacher looking like an accountant. There was a third teacher and he looks like a television producer. Another teacher she looks like a school teacher. Another teacher was really a book publisher.

All these lecturers taught me at college. But there was only one true teacher.

I don’t usually work out a persons calling just by looks. Looks come second. It’s my insight and thoughts that work out a calling and then looks confirm the calling.

Life is so vain. People work but don’t work. Vanities of vanity. It’s like what the bible says “People see but don’t see, people listen but don’t listen, all is vanity”.

The bible says “The people stone my prophets”. The prophets are the messengers of God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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