It was the year 1978 I was thinking of entering university. Such thoughts lingered with me off and on for months. I had thoughts of getting knowledge from studying at university. Knowledge seemed to be of interest to me. I thought about how people seemed to have understanding, they seemed to know, know what I do not know, but they seemed to be above in a way, they achieved and succeeded. I seemed to know just about nil I understood just about nothing, I was just drifting along trying to cope the best I could.

I had a bible, a Gideon’s bible, it was a New Testament, this bible was just a little bible and there were times I would open it up and try to read it but nothing, it did nothing for me. I did not relate to the words, the words just went over my head. A few times just so few I considered a church not far from where I lived. I lived alone. I thought of this church and considered about going to it but then I would think that no way can I attend that church, I was a mess, they surely would not accept me a sinner, a person who was deeply depraved. I thought of the people that would attend that church, good people, upstanding people, men who had good professions in the community, married people with children, people who were clean of sin, they surely would ostracise me a dirty sinner. So I never attended that church. It was a traditional church. So I continued in my sins my depravity and tried to cope the best I could.

One day I took a trip in my car. I passed a building offering art work for sale. I went in and was besotted with a painting. I really loved this painting it was so appealing. An oil painting with a mountain and a River. I just knew I had to buy it. It was a fantastic art work and not expensive. It was cheap but not nasty. I bought the mountain painting. I liked a mountain scene so much. It was only later that in my mind and heart that I learnt that there was understanding that God wanted to teach me from looking at this painting. I knew nothing about the understanding at this stage.

I applied to go to university. I got accepted. I applied for university accommodation and got it. I went to university thinking I was going to get knowledge. I got no knowledge from university but I did get another type of knowledge. I lived and studied at university for one year. The knowledge I received was a Spirit knowledge. I never received mans knowledge. University seemed to be about man and his achievements apart from God, mans philosophy, mans study of the soul, mans science, mans sociology, I was dumb to all such teachings.

I moved back home to my parents. I needed to rest. I tried mans way and it just was stressing me out. I tried God’s way. God’s knowledge not man’s knowledge. I discovered the power of words. I discovered that God’s Word is supreme. I discovered a Spirit an inner Spirit person in my heart. I found this Spirit communing with me. Understanding slowly grew in me. Night and day I learnt. I knew things but I could not talk to others about what I had learnt because I thought that they would say I was talking nonsense. Mans wisdom is strong in the church. The painting was now on my bedroom wall. I often lay in bed looking at this painting. Then I got inner revelation about this painting. I saw things. I saw a person at the top of the mountain. I saw a woman sitting on a dragon. I saw the man at the mountain top holding a rod in his hand. The man looked like he could strike the dragons head with the rod. I saw a hand facing outward from the mountain; the hand in a revelation was now the woman and the dragon. The woman turned in to a palm of a hand and the dragon turned in to a arm.

I remembered a time back years ago in my early 20’s; I was working at the Government Tourist Bureau. I was mesmerised for a few minutes. I seemed to be listening but not listening. I seemed to be aware of something speaking to me but I did not know where the voice was coming from. I heard but I could not make out exact words I just got an understanding of what was being told to me. The voice was speaking to me about me writing. Writing what I did not know at that stage, I just knew there was something bigger or better for me in the future, what I did not know.

Years later after my born again experience with God at my university time, I was in the Wellington town hall. I sat there with a big audience watching and listening to a USA evangelist preaching; Leighton Ford, brother in law to evangelist Billy Graham. I then got mesmerised. I saw a vision on the front stage of the then current Roman Catholic Pope John Paul. He was tall and in his white vestments. But there was more; my heart felt like a River of water was gushing through it; and there was more, I perceived and it was a sure perception like it was visible but it was not visible there was a crown on my head. Now I was in a nirvana state I was on a real Spiritual high, I was totally engrossed with these spiritual happenings. How long did it last? Maybe minutes but it was so wonderful, I loved every moment of it. I must mention one more happening at this time; I knew during the vision that a voice was talking. It was directing it’s speech maybe to Leighton Ford, I could be wrong. I understood the voice was speaking about simplicity; that is all I could make out from what was said. But a couple of days later in the newspaper Leighton was quoted speaking to the reporter about the simplicity of God. Wow wow it is no delusion to me.

Religion never saved me. In 1978 when I was considering going to a church I did not go because I thought that I was not good enough to be with such good church people. So such religious people did not save me. It was a humble man who was at university that pointed me in the direction of God. This man was evangelical. He befriended me. He reached out to me in friendship. He mentored me. He taught me. Today I had thoughts about religion. Religion to me still had its place. This place can be like a home, a place to worship God and fellowship with fellow believers. Religion does not always save but it can be a place where we make friends. Religion is like a church building; it’s an outer thing, but it has its purpose in the scheme of things. Rituals are all known as religious and as such are called man made. True they are man made but sometimes they try and copy what the Bible teaches us to do. Not all rituals are bad. The taking of bread and wine at communion can not be bad. I have found solace within the walls of a church. I attend services often at a church and have done so for 12 years. Before then I attended church in other places and regularly. Church can be a lot of religion but in religion one can find good as well as bad. I thought today of a family; father, mother and say 3 children. The children have sibling rivalry, they fight, argue and bully each other. But some children in families also get on well. In a family we have good and bad. Church is family with also sibling rivalry etc. No one is perfect. Church has overall been good for me. I find attending a Traditional church suits me better than a modern Pentecostal church. In the modern churches there is a lot of young people and the young are generally known as unwise; what with all their youthful passions bubbling up, their noisy ness, their bullying, their hormones at peak; their forceful competition; so I prefer fellowshipping with an older wiser congregation. I am older now I like being older. Maturity comes with age, wisdom comes too. Older people are more sensible.
Who saves? Jesus Christ saves no other. God invites people to salvation. God will lead us in to situations where we learn to depend on Him. Religion does not save but it can be a home. Buts it’s a home more in the physical.

Science is a physical thing too. I received knowledge from God. I got understanding but it was not the knowledge from man, it was not the science that man goes for, I was barren of mans wisdom but got to have the fruit from the Tree of Life. Man is deceived by Satan. Man eats of the fruit of knowledge. But what knowledge? This surely is the knowledge that man and woman were told not to eat of. This was the fall of mankind. Man is so deceived that he/she knows no difference; he/she can not see; Satan has blinded them. Jesus while on this earth never taught the knowledge that resulted from the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Man will eat this knowledge and will eventually know all. He/she will not know God but will know all about creation, its a creation thing not a creator thing. Its like a human; man will know all about the body but not the head. Jesus is the head. So man thinks he will understand the head by researching the brain; still man won’t understand the head. The soul is God’s domain. The soul is in the head is it not. Science will never see the soul. So science to never see the soul will never believe in soul because science is about seeing is believing.

The religious people of Jesus day (on this earth) thought Jesus was a nutter; “He has a demon”. Prophets are not honoured in their home town and maybe not even honoured in their own country.
But we love everyone and everyone includes religious people. God loves everyone. When I was young and trying to cope in my sins, the self righteous people rejected me. But “The stone that the builders rejected has become the most important stone of all”. I want to love all people and that includes the self righteous people and the religious people.

Man: Mankind (Men and women).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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