Is it morally right to cheat to save lives?

At a casino.
5 men around a table. All 5 men each rulers of their own countries.
The cards are dealt.
Some of the players get high cards and a few low cards other players get just low cards.
These 5 men are playing high stakes; their nations fortunes and citizens lives are at stake. These 5
men could even lose their own lives. Everything is on the table. This game could kill or bring life.
Billions of people’s lives are dependent on this game.
The card game is in progress.
Player 1 has an inner ear piece that is so tiny that it is undetected by the other players. Player 1 has many men and women in the back ground hidden away from sight relaying information to player 1. Cameras are hidden in the ceiling of the room. These cameras are state of the art and can see all the cards of the players hands. Player 1’s spies relay to him information gleamed from these cameras.
Player 2 also has an inner ear piece that is unseen by the other players. Player 2 has people with binoculars at a hidden distance looking at the other players cards and these spies are relaying information about the cards to prayer 2.
Player 3 and player 4 and 5 also have sophisticated ear pieces and like player 1 and 2 are getting information on their opponents cards.
Breaks in the game come up regularly so players can eat, drink, toilet or have a short nap. The players at these times usually retire to their hotel rooms. But players 1 and 2 find women in their rooms on a number of occasions. The women ply the players with alcohol and other services trying to ply information from them about their cards hands.
Players 3 and 4 are sort of friends and at breaks talk together about their card hands. While they talk spies are listening in to their conversations and the information relayed back to players 1 and 2 and 3. 1, 2 and 3 players are also kind of friends and share intelligence about their other players hands.

After the card game had gone on for 4 weeks player 1 was found to be cheating. The public were aghast; how could player 1 stoop to such low abase ness. The media reported on this saga for weeks, it was front page news. Player 1 felt slighted. The public did not play this game. The game was kept within tight security “for your eyes only”. Most of the information on the game was “top secret” and not in the public domain. Player 1 was looked at as an evil person.

We have the worlds super power leaders of their respective countries with each countries spy agencies spying on the other leaders and their nations people’s.

Is it moral to cheat when everyone else is cheating?

Let’s put it this way you will lose the game if you don’t cheat. In the case of presidents of nations playing against each other if you don’t cheat maybe millions or maybe a few billion of people might die. Cheating has to be moral if you know everyone in the game is cheating. We are talking about survival here, life and death.

Put Stalin and Mao and Hitler in a card game. And you a person that respects God and life and you join in this game; you can not play the game the old British way “it’s not cricket to cheat”. You are playing a game with evil; be cunning like a snake and innocent like a child, but play to win and cheat to win because the evil cheats. You the God fearing person cheat against evil to save lives. Be cunning. Don’t cheat against good. Respect good and uphold good. Good wins against evil just as God wins against Satan.

Is it moral for the USA to spy on other nations including their leaders? The game of life has become complex. Oh would it be so good to live a simple life again. Say push the divine default button and move the world back to its original created way. God made us simple but we have made ourselves complex. The game of life is now complex. We are now in the “information age” we want to know what other players are holding in their card hand. Life and death now depends on information. Oh bring back the simple life. We now have to cheat to survive. To be simple is to be unadulterated pure and clean. Simple has given way to complex. Complex is looked on as being normal. Complex means we have to cheat. So the public are aghast to know that the USA is cheating but every other country is also cheating.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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