Rant and Rave

Just been in the shower. While I was in the shower I was deep in thought. BUT my thinking was like explosive, it was like I was having a conversation. I was speaking to one of these call centre operators. YES the Indian call centre. We think such calls come from India. Well these call operators sound like Indians speaking English. How do you know they are Indian; television has shown us such Indian accents speaking English. So here I am in the shower ranting and raving in my thinking; yet such was like a conversation. I was angry. I recently moved in to a new home. I just got my landline phone connected with Telstra. So here I am in my new home with a new landline phone connection and what happens? Indian call centre operators ring me up. So far in the short time of about 4 weeks I have had a number of call centre calls. I cut them off before they can spiel out more of their lies. I say this is a private line and demand they delete my phone number off their records and put the phone down. I am fuming about how these Indian call centres were able to get a new telephone number so fast, in a matter of days, since the phone was just connected and my mind thinks of Telstra. I think “Does Telstra sell phone numbers to Indian call centres?” Hey there’s money to be made here for Telstra. How else could a foreign country get my phone number, a number that is so new that very very few know it. “Telstra do you know something about this”. So here I am conversing with a call centre operator in India and asking to speak to the owner of the company, I want to sue him, then I ask for the manager, then I ask for the supervisor. I was using swear words, so unholy of me.



Everywhere you go “Mankind” makes noise. His and her noise. I went in to a shop today to look at furniture. I was the only customer. I liked what I saw. Then the shop assistant went over to a radio; and then loud music. I said to the assistant “Its too noisy in here” and walked out. Why did that assistant think I liked noise? I hate noise; I can not hear myself think with noise. Noise of “Mankind” makes a person go bonkers.

Think in a straight line and go deep the deeper the better. Pray and pray and pray and read the Bible. Think and discern together. See and think. See, hear, smell, taste and think. Use all the head senses and think. AND KNOW. God is known through our senses. Our senses give us UNDERSTANDING. We are sensible when using all our senses to the fullest. Sense and sensible. Sensible is to be wise. BUT sins darken our minds; darken our senses. CONFESS Sins to God above. We are clean through Jesus. Jesus is the WORD. The WORD of GOD cleanses us.

Think in a straight line and go through all the obstacles of thought. The greater consciousness of thought of mankind; veering away from the traps, keeping away from the trouble spots, not going after the flesh pots, staying clean not dirty, being wise of God, keeping away from the women who use their flesh to entice men, staying away from violent people, staying away from noisy people. Think and stay true to God in thought, word and deed. Stay faithful. I am so pleased to be married. To find a sensible wife is very hard but when you find one, oh it is so good. Marriage is so good but there is a marriage made in heaven and a marriage made in hell. Choose wisely.

So to be wise is to be wise in thought, word and deed. Once your thoughts are matured your words will be mature and your deeds will follow suit. There is a growing up for good and a growing up for evil. Another choice to make.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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