Snakey gives counsel

The Nagging Wife

Come on eat.
No Eve God said no.
You a man.
Stop it Eve.
You want to be clever don’t you.
Well eat.
Do it for me. You will be smart like God.
I will look up to you.
You won’t get the other.
What other?
Hello there what’s up.
Hi snakey.
You got problems.
Nothing Adam won’t fix. Won’t you honey. I will love you more if you eat.
Hey is it about that tree over there.
Yes snakey. Do you know much about it.
Of course I know lots. That tree will make you clever. You eat of it and you become clever like God.
Come on Adam eat of it. I want my darling to be clever. All the other creatures will look up to you.
Can I say something.
Yes snakey.
If you eat of the tree your descendants will know all.
What about me now.
The growth of knowledge takes time. Eventually your descendants will know all there is to know but it takes time.
Do it for our descendants honey. I am going to take a bite then you do the same.
(Both Eve and Adam ate of the tree of knowledge – they and their descendants are smart).


Adam you need to grow up.
What do you mean Eve?
You let God boss you around too much.
No I don’t.
Yes you do. Stand up for yourself, take control of your own life, are you a man or a mouse.
But God is almighty.
And you really believe that.
Hi all.
Hi snakey.
What’s up?
Adam won’t stand up for himself with God.
Adam is that true?
You lying.
Ok its part true, but God is God.
Hey none of that God complex.
Yes complex. I have counselled other creatures on this. It’s a complex that needs shrinking.
Yes shrink.
You are just a wimp Adam, please stand up to God, he controls you.
Eve please.
Please what.
Ok what can I do?
Snakey can you help.
Yes for a fee.
What’s a fee?
What do you have?
Ok because it’s you Adam the first shrinking is on the house.
What do you Shrink?
Your ego.
What’s ego?
It’s your self that’s needs deflating. Come down to earth more. Not up in the sky.
You mean my thoughts.
Yes. Adam you need to show God that you are your own boss. Once God sees that he won’t bother you anymore.
What shall I do?
Do something that God does not like.
Did God say not to eat of the tree of knowledge?
Go eat the fruit of that tree.
Now go do it.
You want to be always a wimp Adam.
No I don’t Eve.
Don’t be a wimp stand up to God and eat the fruit.
What will happen snakey?
You will become wise like God. You and your descendants will be clever; you will know as God knows. Eventually all knowledge will be known.
Go on Adam.
Ok Eve just for you.
It’s for the best Adam, we don’t want our children and children’s children and all our descendants being bossed around by this egomaniac God who thinks he’s just it.
Let me take a bite first; oh that is delicious. Now you Adam.
It is quite nice.
Adam you now are more important. When you meet God now you can meet him on equal terms.
I hear the wind rustling I think God is coming.
That reminds me I have to go I have another appointment with another client. Another shrinking.
But snakey can you not stay and stand up to God with us.
Sorry got to go urgent business can not wait. Bye.
Ah children how are you?
Who was that that just left?
Snakey my Lord.
Oh that trouble maker.
Adam remember you are now clever like God, stand up to him.
Ok Eve.
Look here God you stop bossing me around. I don’t need you now I am clever too.
Yes I am clever just like you. We would rather you left me and Eve alone.
Adam what’s being going on?
You are just a bossy boots God we don’t want you around us. And Eve and I ate of the tree
of knowledge so we are just as smart as you.
Oh you are are you. You want to take control of your own lives and live apart from me so be it. Leave the garden of Eden this minute; Adam you will now work with your hands; Eve you will suffer in labour when having children (child birth).

Adam and Eve were not that smart after all.


Adam you wimp. You just don’t listen. Now listen to me. It’s all in the mind.
But I hear God so well.
It’s in the mind. You need a shrink.
Heelo did someone call for me.
Hi snakey no we did not call you.
But you did.
You might be able to help Adam.
Sure anything.
Adam says he hears this person he calls God.
Oh the God complex.
You know about it.
Sure. I used to have it.
At last someone that understands.
Yep I had it for many years like yonks.
You don’t have it now.
Nope all gone.
How did you get rid of this complex?
Well as you say it’s all in the mind. You need to cast it out of the mind.
Adam you need to fight this. Let me in to your mind and we can tackle this thing together.
You want to get inside my head.
Sure but I do it with my words. You have the God complex and this causes you to hear voices. I can help shrink that complex. It is like getting rid of cancer. Cut it out. We start with the mantra therapy. I say a few words now and you repeat them first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed. And you must repeat the mantra every time you hear the God voices. The mantra can be ‘God does not exist’. Say it now for a few times.
God does not exist, God does not exist, God does not exist.
You are getting it. You have to reprogram your mind. You have believed a lie. You are deluded.
It’s God.
Children I will be with you in a few minutes.
God is coming.
Snakey tell Adam he’s hearing voices. Help my husband he’s sick.
But I heard him.
Adam it’s all in the mind. It’s a delusion.
Adam trust me I know what I am doing. Say the mantra keep repeating it when you hear the God voices.
Look I must run got another appointment.
Snakey you are trembling.
Just a touch of the nerves I have been up all last night planning the future. Bye.
Children at last. How are you?
God does not exist, God does not exist, God does not exist.
Adam what is wrong?
God does not exist. Eve do you hear the voices.
What voices Adam?
I hear nothing, just you.
Children I must go take care just dropped into say hello. Adam you are acting strange, is everything ok with you?
God does not exist.
Eve I did it I think I have overcome the God complex.
Hi, back again.
Hi snakey. You disappeared quick before. You are still trembling.
Up late last night and getting over the flu.
I did it snakey I said your mantra and the voices stopped.
But you must keep the mantra up. Let’s all party.
Yes let’s. I picked these apples off the tree of knowledge. Let’s eat and drink and be merry.
Adam eat up.
Quite nice. But Eve we are naked.
Now you are talking Adam. None of that God complex and you are fun.
Adam I know trust me you are healed.
Thanks snakey. Eve and I are so eternally grateful for all your help.
Any other mind problems give me a call.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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