Malala a 16 year old girl from Pakistan has taken a stand on education for females. Now in the West especially, education has been nothing new for females. But it has not been always the case. In the dark ages, and later, Universities were the dominion of males. Women were not even allowed to vote for parliament until much later near our times. Discrimination is nothing new and also nothing new to the West. The USA Civil War claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and this war was about discrimination. Abraham Lincoln died (assassinated) for his stand against discrimination (racialism). Maybe Lincoln in the times now would be a Democrat. Malala loves to learn. Everyone should be allowed to learn either you be white, brown, black, female, male, slave, whatever you look like you should be allowed to learn. It does not matter how you look, to learn you just need a soul. All humans have souls (this sets us apart from all other creatures. God has soul {does he} we humans are in Gods likeness thus we humans have soul and thus we can learn. Other creatures {soulless and live by instinct} can not learn like us humans). The Taliban think that they have the right to stop a girl from learning. Of course they have no authority in heaven or on earth to stop people from learning. They are deluded. Either I am deluded or the Taliban are deluded. The Taliban do not respect the rights of females. The Taliban discriminate against females. Such is about money and power. Such is about idolatry.

BUT education can become an idol. There is the education from “man” and the education from God. The bible educates us. The WORDS from the bible can teach us, and save us, free us, and protect us. Of course the Bible is a book and a book does not save us. But the WORDS that are written in the BIBLE can help us immensely. We can read the scripture. Read it out. Speak it out. God has blessed such WORDS. It’s not so much just the words but the understanding the scriptural words give that free us and therefore save our souls. God is Spirit and of course God saves us BUT God can use the WORDS in the Bible to his advantage. The Bible over the centuries has changed BUT the true essence, the true meaning, the understanding, the wisdom, remains. The TRUTH will set us free. Malala wants females in Pakistan to be free to learn.

BUT learning to her means going to school and sitting in classrooms. School and learning that way to me was not pleasing to me. I hated sitting in classrooms all day. Reading highly boring text books that spoke at you rather than with you. Text books that had no warmth or insightful depth to them but felt hard and cold. Text books that you carried around in your school bags like heavy boulders. School was to me about discrimination, its about discrimination favouring the intelligent students as against the low intelligent students. School can be a nightmare. Students commit suicide. Students are prodded like cattle to learn, learn and learn, cram the knowledge in between your ears and do exams. BUT once the exams are done where does the knowledge go I mean they have to learn more so they may forget all the previous knowledge. You can only remember so much off by heart. Schooling in classrooms has much to desire. Schooling has not changed much. Sorry I am wrong; discipline in schooling has changed; no more caning students, no more corporal punishment. But putting students together in walled classrooms day-in day-out is not good for healthy behaviour. And homework; hey you go to school all day and the teachers load you up with heaps of homework so you are home each night doing hours of homework. Such unhealthiness. Schooling has gone mad. It’s not right. No one is really learning. It’s about education only for the sake of MONEY. You won’t be poor with an education. So education is about not being poor. The more educated you are the more rich you will be. So the message here is education frees you from poverty. FREEDOM. But the Bible says the Truth will set you free. The bible says Jesus Christ frees you. Human education frees you from one master to serve another master. You serve all those who are more educated than yourself. So you get trapped in a education pyramid of “mans” knowledge. You get trapped in a system of “Man” made by “Man”. It’s just another system made by man. No one is really free except through Jesus Christ. The only TRUE teaching to free ones soul and mind and heart is Jesus’ teachings. Malala has it right to an extent. She wants to learn. But JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE, NO OTHER.

I found all my schooling suffocating. Teachers that had no inspiring spirits but just like dead people pushing and pushing and forcing education on oneself without regard to how we felt and thought. You had no say in how you wanted to be educated. It was just like a factory. No one really cared. Teachers seemed not to care. Students seemed not to care. Who cared? It was everyone for themselves. The weak are trodden on, the low intelligent are avoided. Fight the good fight. Fight for an education and nobody better get in your way. Jesus did not teach an education to his disciples like the teachers at school teach. Yet teachers at school seldom teach on what Jesus taught. Hey there’s no money in what Jesus taught. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. So the USA Civil War was a slaughter. Here’s so called educated people killing others to keep black skinned people in slavery. Now a lot of these confederate slavers had education. These slavers had plantations, they were rich and to top it of they went to Church on a Sunday. During the First World War and Second World War there were many educated people fighting for the German and Japanese side. Such people instead of educating on “Mans” learning should have learnt off Gods son Jesus Christ. So education has not stopped wars, violence, rape, killings, murders, discrimination; and this is what Jesus teaches against but “Man” thinks he is so clever to not learn from Jesus but to learn from humanism manmade wisdom. Man is so clever in his/her own eyes.

I found a friend. I was introduced to a person. I can only call him a Spirit. I know no other way to describe him.Yes he is male. A gentleman. And he cares about me. Well I take it he cares about me. He is the sort of person you can trust your life to. No one can over power him. He is sharp; very sane, very together, very fast, so quick. I have this Spirit friend who can help me. I am someone now, have been ever since this gentleman came in to my life; yes he’s in my life, in me. Sound strange to say he’s in me, well he is like in my heart and I have been introduced to him like seen him spiritually. God works in mysterious ways, he works ways for others and other ways for some others.

So I have my personal Spirit teacher. I learn. I do not need HUMANISM. Humanism is as strong as wood. Such ism is based on creation not the creator. This ism is dry, waterless, uninspiring, suffocating. Humanism puts “MAN” at the centre of the universe; man apart from God. Humanism is about the quest and determination of the human spirit to acquire success and prosperity. Humanism is not about the Spirit of God; humanism is about achievement apart from God; YOU CAN ACHIEVE APART FROM GOD. Humanism is “buggering” up creation. The Church is getting buggered up. Humanism is not about working with your hands rather it about how clever you are. Put all humanists to work working with their hands and life will be more pleasant.

Malala has it right to a degree. To learn is good. But the way the school systems are set up are atrocious. They are uncomfortable and unsafe. No one really learns in an environment where you are not loved and accepted. School bullies control and teachers do not care.

Malala would be better to accept Jesus and his teachings then she can have a proper framework for all her learnings. Without Jesus all learning can be all in vain.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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