For The Love Of Money

Life is not fair. Humans love to discriminate. To their advantage of course. And usually a selfish advantage. The North American war was about discrimination but the cause of this war also went deeper than just discrimination it was about the love of money. They called this war ‘The American Civil War’.

About 600,000 people died in this war. The Southern States of the USA were known as slave states. These slave states depended for their prosperity on the growing and selling of cotton. Great Britain was a major buyer of cotton as were a number of European countries. Great Britain with many European nations were in the process of a heightened industrial revolution. Machines had been invented and as such these machines like the steam engine assisted in manufacturing. Textiles was a major industry and cotton was imported from the slave states of the USA. BUT these slave states needed workers to work in the cotton fields. Such work was hard so these states brought in slaves from Africa to work in the fields. The white people did not want to do the hard manual work in producing cotton. Africans were captured by slave traders and shipped to North America and sold to white people. These Africans were slaves and were the white people’s property. Slaves did the hard work and thus made the Southern States of North America prosperous. These slave states later became known as the Confederation and the northern states came to be known as the Union. The Union states were more industrialised than the Confederate states. The Union states were free states; slavery was not tolerated much here.

Slaves meant prosperity. Slaves work for no wages and they are given very little. The ‘American Civil War’ was about slavery but it went deeper than that it was about money and prosperity. Who wants to work hard labour in the cotton fields? Not the white people when you can have slaves doing the work. Selling cotton meant making money.

Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency in 1860. The slave states were wary of Lincoln; Lincoln was a northerner and was not pro slavery. A number of slave states then went to secession (broke away from USA) and formed the Confederacy. Lincoln saw the secession as illegal. Lincoln wanted the slave states back in the USA. So ‘Civil War’ began in 1861. The Union won this war in 1865. Slavery was abolished. Lincoln was assassinated by a Confederate sympathiser; Lincoln died aged 56 years old 6 days after the ‘Civil War’ ended.

We get humans believing that they have the right to treat other humans with evil for the sake of making money. Humans want to be prosperous but on the backs of other people. Get the weaker people, the uneducated, the powerless, and subject them to a supposed master race and force them to work and make money for this master race. The Confederates made themselves a master race and the Africans slaves were made the inferior race. The whites believed that they had a right to treat the Africans as slaves. But what right? Surely it was not human rights. The Africans were chosen because for one; white people looked down on coloured skin people. White to them was supreme. Black skin colour was inferior. True intelligence respects life in all forms. Humans kill other humans because of the love of money.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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