Who do we serve the head or the body?

The head has the soul.
The mind and the soul are one.
The head has the temple.
When we serve the body, are we then being selfish?
The old human sinful nature is in the heart.
The sinful nature can be called the old man.
The human spirit is in the heart.
The Holy Spirit is in the heart (comes from above).
When we serve the body, are we serving the old sinful nature in the heart.
When we serve the head, we serve the brains.
The brains are in charge of the body.
God is the head, he reigns from above.
The heart is not in charge of the body.
Light comes from God.
Invite God in to the heart.
Sin dims our insight.
Sin dims our hearing.
Sin dims all our senses.
Repent to God of all our sins, our sins are washed away.
Repent and we become functioning heads and bodies of God.
God is in the head and heart.
Invite God in to our temple.
Our body is the temple.
Our head is the temple.
We are gods not God.
Ego as it is known is the old sinful nature in the heart.
We do not serve this sinful ego nature.
We serve the head.
The head has to be free of darkness.
The body has to be free of darkness.
God is light.
Satan (enemy) rules in the darkness.
The head is above like as in the heavens.
The heart is like as in the world.
We overcome the world by having the head and heart of God through Jesus Christ.
Wickedness rules from above.
We must overcome this wicked rule from above.
We must take over the earth for God.
Only through Jesus Christ can wickedness be overcome above (head) and on this earth (heart).
Heaven and earth belong to God.
God wins back heaven and earth only through his begotten Son Jesus Christ.
We humans each of us in the body of Christ are each an analogy of the greater body and head of Jesus Christ.
We humans are the temple and head and body of Jesus Christ. BUT WE ARE AN ANALOGY OF GOD AND HIS TEMPLE.
We each human are not Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ is in us. Jesus Christ is a real person. He is the first and the last.
We wait for Jesus to return.
The atom is an analogy of the universe.
Each human is an analogy of God his/her creator.
Quantum spiritual knowledge exists as there is quantum physical knowledge.
Quantum, the ability to understand the whole when looking at a small part of the whole.
Satan our enemy also has his temple.
Satan lives in his temple.
Humans are that temple.
Satan’s children are the snakes.
Satan most probably is a dragon.
Such deities, snake and dragon live inside humans.
Basically we have two opposing forces that work through two main bodies (many people) of people.
God’s kingdom is within the body of Christ.
God’s kingdom is inside the bodies of each and every believer in Jesus Christ (the elect).
God’s kingdom is unconquerable.
So God’s word is spiritual.
We humans have a human spirit.
Mans wisdom is shallow.
We are human spirit and we must learn from God in human spirit.
Mans wisdom is mainly based on the physical.
We are more than just physical, we are spirit and soul.
We must save our souls.
God saves through Jesus Christ.
God gives spiritual gifts to believers.
There is a spiritual gift of understanding.
Heaven above remains a mystery just as the brain remains a mystery.
Heaven is more than the head of the church the body.
The brain, the mind, the soul, are just an analogy of heaven.
The heart holds the kingdom of God.
Analogy is sometimes hard to understand just as the analogy of the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden is hard to understand.
The invisible is always hard to understand.
The FATHER God is invisible.
Jesus Christ is in the flesh, He is above in heaven.
When God overcomes the wickedness above and on this earth, our minds/souls and hearts become free, we come in to the light.
Wickedness when overcome by God’s Word leaves the heavens and earth and is like below our feet.

Analogy is hard to understand. We do not see we do not believe. Analogy only tries to teach answers when the student can not see the answer. To see through someone else’s eyes is so hard. Analogy as like a parable tries to show an answer/truth that lies in the invisible. It is so hard to prove the invisible. God says have faith.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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