Seek Wisdom

Jesus! Jesus!
Hi Tom.
Don’t just stand outside come in.
Thanks for inviting me Tom.
No worries, help yourself to a beer, on the house, fridge is in the kitchen end of the corridor.
(Jesus smiles, walks in to a crowded living room, the music is loud. Jesus makes his way down the corridor)
Oh hi Gloria.
Meet my friend Joan.
Hi Joan.
Hi Jesus.
Gloria tells me you are studying sociology.
Sure am.
I love sociology. You like it.
It’s very complex to me.
You mean you do not understand it.
It’s just so uuumm yer complex.
What do you mean Jesus?
Well it’s seems so human made up.
Well I love sociology.
Hey Joan you love me too.
Yes Gloria I love you too.
It’s good to love; God is love.
Now Jesus do not get religious on us. I know who can help you about sociology; Roger. Roger is gay but he understands sociology so well. Roger is looking for a new friend.
No thanks Joan.
Hey are you being a snob Jesus.
Must go, need a leak.
(Jesus walks away from Gloria and Joan; Jesus heads for the kitchen)
Hey Tom where’s the bathroom?
Upstairs last room end of passageway.
(Jesus climbs the stairs comes to the door to the bathroom, opens the door, Jesus is desperate for a leak)
Oh so sorry.
You the new guy Jesus don’t mind me I will be here for yonks you can use the bath.
No I am imposing.
No you are not.
(Jesus is desperate to go)
Hi Carol.
(Sam and Jeff holding hands come in)
Use the bath.
No worries Carol.
Hi Jesus,
Hi Sam, hi Jeff.
(Carol still on the toilet answers her phone. Carol gets in to a conversation with a friend)
(“What the heck with it” Jesus thinks “I have to go”)
(Jesus relieves himself and walks out of the bathroom)
(Sam shouts after him, “Roger wants to speak to you”)
Hi Jesus, you still doing psychology?
Hi Ben, yep still doing it.
You not drinking.
No Ben I am not thirsty.
Thirsty, what’s thirsty to do with beer?
Jim! Jimbo!
Yer Ben!
Throw me a can!
(While Ben is turned away Jesus moves away quickly, he heads for the lounge, the music here is ear jamming, so very loud, people are dancing, some are even half dressed)
There you are Jesus.
Oh hi Roger.
Hear you are not coming to terms with sociology. I can heal you of that. Meet me in the upstairs bedroom down the passageway first on left. Meet me in 10 minutes.
(Roger then falls down on a sofa, the liquor is getting to him)
Hi. Want a dance.
No thanks.
Don’t you like women?
Yes but I can not dance.
My name is Kitty.
Yes I know, I see you in psychology class. You always sit at the back.
Yes I do, I find psychology so boring.
Me too.
I thought you were a genius. You look like one.
Psychology to me is so manmade.
Why do an Arts Degree then?
My FATHER instructed me to do it.
He wants me to learn about man.
What about women?
Yes women too.
How does studying an Arts Degree give you knowledge about men and women?
The Arts are to do with artificial. Artificial is to do with manmade. Manmade is to do with perversion. Perversion is a turning away from God our creator. Art is in the word artificial and art is about mankind not God. Art is mans creations not Gods creations.
You are so religious. Have fun, unwind, you look so tense, forget God and religion that’s for the oldies we are young, enjoy.
Got to go.
Your mummy wants you home.
Now Kitty be nice. Bye, see you in class tomorrow.
I might miss tomorrow, might sleep in, I will have such a bad hangover.
(Jesus leaves the house, he heads for his own digs a room in a university hostel nearby)
FATHER do I have to carry on learning about “mans” (peoples) understanding?
Yes my Son, please endure, you will bear fruit, you will succeed.
FATHER when can I come home?
Everything in its right timing. Be patient Son.
Night Son.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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