Life can often be unfair

A lady is dragged in to an alley way. It is night. She screams. Passers by carry on just passing by. She screams then quiet. A man a Good Samaritan calls out “Does any one want help?” Still quiet. The Good Samaritan, Sam by name, steps in to the alley. It is all dark. No one is to be seen. It is too dark to see. Suddenly there is running of steps, a person runs past Sam; this person is just shadow like in the dark. The person is gone it is now quiet again. Sam walks down the alley. He feels his way using his hands along the side of one wall. He comes to a bump in the ground. Sam bends down he feels a human body, there is blood it gets all over his hands. He tries to wipe the blood off his hands with his handkerchief. “Hello he calls”. No answer. Sam moves his hand over the body. It is a female body. He touches a handle of a knife. He pulls on the handle the blade comes out of the body. No one is around, only the two of them. Suddenly theres the noise of screaming car tires then the alley way is all lit up. “police, move away from the body, put your hands in the air”. Sam is still holding the knife in his right hand. He has blood all over him.
Camera’s click, flashes go, there seems to be a time of just many cameras clicking. “Put the knife down, both hands behind your back”. Sam is taken in to custody. The newspapers have a field day. On front page news there is a large photo of Sam standing hands in the air with his right hand holding a bloodied knife. In everyone’s eyes it is too apparent who the killer was. Yes the woman was killed. Sam is the chief suspect and in court the jury find him guilty and the Judge gives Sam a life sentence.

What do we learn from this:

The obvious is not always right.

The passersby did not want to get involved. It’s true that in society if you get involved you are likely to get trouble. Sam got involved and he got trouble. Sam got a life sentence in prison. The law does not always work for the good person. Law is not perfect. We can not always trust the Law. Law can not protect. It just protects in name, but in name is not enough. Wisdom of God does protect. Law is made up of people who are fallible. Judges are fallible. The courts are fallible. Trust God with all your heart do not put your hearts trust in mere humans. Flesh and blood are no match for God. Flesh and blood are weak but God is all strong.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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