Dad what is beyond?
You mean outside the water kingdom.
Yes Dad, what is out in outer space? I see things beyond.
I know son it’s somewhat of a mystery. Beyond is a mystery.
Your grandfather used to regale me with stories about stories his grandfather told him. They maybe true, I am not sure. My father told me that many years ago we fish lived on the land. We lived outside the water kingdom. Land was what it was called. Come here son, look over there, that is land.
Dad we would die outside water.
My father said that we fish evolved. We were able to breathe outside water.
Dad that sounds weird. How can you breathe outside water?
Just happened.
Dad did we originally come from the land?
Son my father told me that originally we were fish in a vast ocean. I mean vast.
You mean we were fish and we became land creatures then we became fish again.
Seems crazy but that is what my father told me.
So why go on the land?
Just meant to be.
So why come back to the water?
I do not know. Maybe it got too hot out there. Maybe food was scarce. Maybe life is in the water and it was natural to return to the water to keep us alive. You see it did not work out on the land. The land creatures were not surviving. The water was the only way to escape the devastation of the planet.
Dad why do some fish scratch in the sea bottom soil a symbol depicting a fish.
Yes the fish sign. It’s religion son.
What’s religion Dad?
The fish sign. Religion is about God and the meaning of life. The fish sign is a sign for all thinking creatures to see the symbol and discern. It was mainly used as a sign for us when we were land creatures. We are fish, we were fish, and we became fish again.
SON SON wake up.
You are having a bad dream son.
Dad the fish.
What fish?
You, me.
Dad we came from fish and are going to go back to being fish.
Nonsense. You get ready its late we must be moving, the church service won’t wait for us.
Dad the fish symbol.
You son are in the image of God and that was what God intended. Once in God’s image we stay in His image. How God got us to be in His image is still a mystery.

Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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