Noise noise noise and more noise. How people love their noise. From wakening up in the morning till going to bed at night humans want and love their noise.

I am the opposite I hate noise I do not want noise. Music seems to be the big contender of noise for humans. Everywhere you go there is not far off the noise of music; day in night out; day in night out. Music at work, music at home, music on the bus, music on the train, music at the restaurant, music at the bus and train station. What is it about humans loving noise? I love to get away from all noise, I love peace and quiet I love reflecting, I love meditating. My heart often vexed; people talking and talking and talking; the wind carrying the words of people’s talk, words travelling in the wind, words travelling and giving destruction to minds, souls and bodies. People destroying rather than loving. People hating with their words. The heart and mind under duress hoping for peace. Words bring life and words bring destruction. The winds of life and destruction. Words bring peace or war. People fighting one another in words leading to cultivating (weeds) in wars, bringing on destruction to men women and beasts. Words lead to death or life. Peace goes with quiet and war goes with noise. Keep the mouth closed and listen. I am presently in a church building one of my refuges from noise, from the noise of destruction. I come here to reflect and meditate. I love reflection, I love to meditate. I come here regularly, I like it here. I love to hear my own thoughts. I love thoughts. In a place of peace like in a conservative church I can think and in my thinking I can bounce understanding thoughts in my heart and mind, I bounce these thoughts off Spirit in my heart. I love the thoughts of understanding I can hear these thoughts of understanding and can write them down. Understanding rears up in my heart it is not an understanding gleamed from other people’s thoughts, they are thoughts from within me, I do not get this learning from teachers in schools, colleges or universities, nor from classical scholars, nor from text books, nor from films, these thoughts come in spirit and from spirit. My thoughts are spirit based, they are a gift to me; I like to share my thoughts with other people. My thoughts ennoble God’s understanding through Jesus Christ. People hate God’s understanding; God’s people hate God’s understanding; humanism is rife right through the fabric of society and the church. It is not clever to learn God’s understanding people say; there is no money or prestige in it; we have to live people say; human wisdom they say gives them money, status; human wisdom puts food on the table, we have to provide for our wives or husbands and children. But Satan must love such talk and thoughts.

Human wisdom is buggering up the church (I say literally). Human wisdom has already buggered up a lot of the world. Humans abuse, rape and bugger. Mother Nature has to fight back sometime near in the future. She is being raped and abused and buggered. Humans see truth through complexity; they are going blind; false teachers teach a God of complexity. These false teachers are not helping the body (of Christ). These teachers are trying to divide the Church (body). Such teachers are divisive not of oneness. God is ONE, the body is ONE.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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