God’s Calling

I have discerned many things in my life time; this following explanation is of a discernment that came to me when I was a youngish member of the Body of Christ. I took on the God Head. I accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and Head.

People of God (not people of the Snake, people who are the off spring of the Dragon) but people who are the off spring off Adam and Eve (and that is everyone not of the Snake). Such wisdom written here is nonsense to the people who are into human wisdom. People of God have a calling. Christian teachers love to preach/teach about callings of God; the Pentecostal Teachers have written many books about God’s calling on people’s lives. I have discerned people’s callings. I see where they fit in; in a work profession. I see what they would excel at if they were in the profession that I discern. Not only can I read this at times about people but with that discernment I also see a correlation between the looks of a persons face and their true God calling. Their face matches their calling. So we have facial likeness to a chosen career; chosen if chosen in God’s will. Now I discern many professions. I discern that most of God’s people are not in God’s chosen profession. A lot of people might just be partly in God’s profession; most are not even in part. So to be in God’s profession is to be in the mind of that profession. You learn to think in that profession. You understand that profession; your face is in that profession meaning your brain and head are in that profession. It is a Head thing not just a body thing.

Most people decide their career based on money and status. It is all about money to most people. Money does not get one in to God’s profession.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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