Feelings / Reason

Feelings are ambiguous because feelings are not of the head but are of the body. The body feels, we have the sense of touch from the body. The head seemingly does not create a feeling of touch, if it does it is a small sensation. Ambiguous means having more than one interpretation. Feelings are called emotions. Emotions are feelings that moves a person. The word emotion has the word motion in it. We say when we feel that we are moved.

The head has the brain and the brain is in charge of the body. The body is not in charge of the head or brain. The brain gives the orders. We have what most people call – five senses; hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and touch. Touch is the feeling sense or emotion sense. But as I said touch is of the body and not of the head. So we have a sense that is like outside the head (head being where the brain is). The brain registers information gained from the five senses. But feeling/touch sense can lead a person off track. Young people are more likely to let feelings guide their bodies. Older people will let the other senses rule more. Reason is where the brain is cognitive (acquiring knowledge) but to be cognitive the brain needs information from the senses. People say love is a feeling. But feelings can be moody. Mood swings up or down. Feelings change. So a person can feel good one minute and feel bad another minute. You can love in feeling a person one day and not feel in love with that person the next day. So what do we rely on to lead our bodies? Reason is the best guide and our brain needs to forsake feelings and use the four senses in the head and cognate these four senses and lead from the knowledge acquired. Feelings are a wrong guide and will sabotage the reason of the brain. Then there is the conflict of feelings against one another in ones own heart. The heart seems to be the home of feelings. But the heart should not lead over the head. The heart is not in charge. The head should always be in charge. A mature wise person of God knows that the head should rule. Immature people let feelings rule thus they are more conversant in letting the body rule rather than the brain in the head. In Christ we mature to have a wise mature mind/soul/brain/head. We in maturity see the head as where we live from. But this maturity takes time and might only come to fruition later in our lives. We have a living head and in Christ that head is in charge. Jesus Christ is not the body He is the Head. Jesus is our Head we are the body. The body is the Church. Jesus is the Head of the ONE Church. There is only ONE Head as there is only ONE body. There is only ONE Church. Aside from all these church denominations which are all factional of the One church (Body), Jesus has no favourites. Church dogma carries little weight when it comes to speaking directly to God about that dogma. Man’s wisdom made up in his own mind apart from God seems to divide rather than unite. The Bible has most of the Wisdom that the Church would need to know.

So Reason should not rely on feelings. Reason should be our guide. The brain should reason. The mind is in the head. Reason is of God. Jesus Christ is all reason in our head/mind/soul/brain. Jesus Christ is above in wisdom in our head. Wisdom of God is reason. Losing ones reason is insanity. Insanity is bad sanitation and means not getting waste out. In our minds/souls and hearts we have to keep the dirt out and keep clean. Demons (evil spirits) love dirtiness. Demons are attracted to dirt. Demons hate cleanliness. But to have a clean home you need to guard it. Jesus in Spirit will come in to our hearts and guard our hearts. Dirty thoughts attract demons. Dirt is anything that is not Godly. Getting the waste out regularly is good sanitation and is good sanity. Get the spiritual waste out and get the physical waste out; they go hand in hand.

So reason does not necessary have to rely on feelings for information.

Two eyes are in the head. Two ears are in the head. The tongue is in the head, the nostrils (nose) are in the head.
The head has the four senses. To use the four senses to the utmost is to sense fully and hopefully be sensible. But one must be mature in soul/mind. Maturity takes growth and growth takes time.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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