Science is not Faith

Part of a recent letter to my earthly father (He is still alive at 92 years old and he still seems strong)

Your written notes that you posted to me recently made me think. My first thought on those notes is that you can not prove God exists by science. Science deals with the physical, the Father God is not physical. Science deals with the visible, the Father God is invisible. So to me philosophical ramblings about a supreme God’s existence or non existence is just that; thought ramblings that go no where. We can think and think and think but we can not think God to appear before us. Thinking won’t prove God exists or God does not exist. So philosophy is impotent here. One can ramble on and look clever but without a frame work, without a foundation, the rambling though called philosophy can just be airy fairy and sound nonsense. To believe in a supreme God needs a step of faith. God in Spirit will invite His called Ones.

Science is not about belief and faith. Faith and belief are to do with religion. Science is about empirical evidence, it is about seeing is believing. Faith is not about seeing is believing. Faith is not a visible thing; faith believes in the invisible. “You see and you do not see, you hear but you do not hear” says the Bible. “Your minds have become dull and your hearts have become sick” says the Bible. God is Spirit. You can not say “God is there, God is here, God is under there”; God is Spirit and moves like the wind. God will only reveal himself to the true believers and to be a true believer takes a lot of faith. Faith means being faithful just like a man is faithful to his wife. To believe in God you have to want God, it means believing in the metaphorical, you have to need God. Only by going through a door will you know what is on the other side. It is a step of faith. Standing outside the door and saying all philosophical so called intelligent ramblings will not help open the door and will not get you through the door. Such philosophy is nonsense to those who have gone through the door. To step in faith means that you consider the Jesus Christ that is written in the scriptures is a man who is above all humans in quality. You see Jesus Christ as a person that stands out as what every human being should be like. We read the scriptures and see good sense in the writings. Science is based on knowledge but its all about physical. Meta; the beyond, the beyond in to the invisible spiritual life, see beyond the physical; that is clever. To see only physical is dull. Spirit gives life, life to mind heart and body. We each human have a human spirit, we must feed this human spirit. You can not feed your invisible human spirit physical food so physical sciences can not help the human spirit; physical sciences can not save the soul. You can not win against the dark forces in the game of life by using science as your weapons. Science is about physical weapons and “Fight by the sword and you die by the sword”. The true battle is in the mind (soul). We do not use physical weapons to save our souls from the dark forces. Our true weapons are spiritual in Word. Man’s words are futile against Evil it is only Gods Word’s that will win against Evil. Quoting Shakespeare or classical poets or classical philosophers against Evil to defend yourself is lame. Such wisdom will only spawn weakness in heart.

Agnosticism is to waver between belief and unbelief in a supreme God. It is to sit on the fence. It is not to believe in God and it is not not to believe in God, it is just wanting to observe. Observation is ok to some but it means missing out on so much more. Watching the game and not taking sides might make you think that you are clever but the participants who are playing the true life game are really having the better time. Light forces fighting the dark forces.
It is hard playing the game of life; light forces fighting the dark forces in spirit; the battle for people’s souls; saving people’s souls from the dark forces.

So the observers just accept the status quo and do not join in the game, they let others play the game of life and they just watch. But it is better to watch the game than join the game on the dark side. So is Science a lot of observation and is Faith a lot of action (Action for good).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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