Cleansing is an act of God. We clean regularly. We clean with water. We clean ourselves with clean water. Water – a gift from God. God gave water. God created water. Did water evolve? Water is a essence of life. Water gives life. Without water there would be no life. Life lives in water. Life starts with water. Water to me is peculiar to planet Earth. Planet Earth is a peculiar planet. There to me is only one planet like Earth. Jesus the only begotten Son of God reigns supreme over this world and Earth. God the Father created the Universe for Jesus his Son. We humans clean ourselves often, we wash in water. Most animals, insects and birds wash in water. Cleaning is a major activity of a lot of creatures on this Earth. We get dirty day and night and we do not like to stay dirty all the time. We prefer to be clean.

Why do creatures prefer to be clean? Why not just stay dirty all the time? Why spend hours each week cleaning ourselves? Cleaning ourselves is hard work and takes up a lot of our time. There’s cleaning our hands, our bodies, our teeth, our hair, our head, our nostrils, our ears, our eyes etc etc. Humans spend heaps of time, effort and money on keeping physically clean why not then also spend such resources on keeping their hearts and minds clean. Cleanliness does not stop at just our personal cleaning but means also cleaning our own environment that we live and work in. So there’s a lot of physical cleaning involved and it takes a lot of hard work and money to be clean. As I said there’s also the cleaning of our hearts and minds. A lot of people clean the physical but neglect the spiritual cleaning. Both physical cleaning and spiritual cleaning should go hand in hand. It’s no good just been physically clean when ones heart and mind are still dirty. We must also spend time and work on cleaning our inner selves. People might say we do not have time to clean our inner selves we are too busy as it is. That’s where a balance needs to come in, balancing the spiritual with the physical. Recognise the inner self and give dignity to this inner spirit person. Also it is no good meeting a clean inner person and they smell badly in their physical flesh. Wash the inner and the outer. To think pure clean thoughts is to be clean in the inner person. Parents need to teach their children the value of both inner and outer cleaning. Cleanliness is next to Godliness my earthly Mother (RIP) used to say. Being clean means the less likelihood of been sick. Cleanliness is a ticket to good health. Dirtiness is unhealthy and dirtiness makes one sick. Spiritual dirtiness means spiritual unhealthiness. There’s the sick soul, the sick human spirit. Dirty people hang around dirty people and clean people hang around clean people. Clean people do not want to hang around dirty people and vice versa. Having a dirty human spirit is an invitation for other dirty spirits to hang around. Demons are evil spirits and they are dirty and they keep in the spiritual darkness. Dirty spirits do not like living in the light of God. Clean spirits like living in the light of God. People that are dirty spiritually tend to have dirty demons hanging around them. Demons love sin. Sin is to be dirty spiritually. Sin is impurity. Satan loves it when humans live in sin and are dirty. To live dirty is to live in sin and living in sin is to live in spiritual darkness. Cleanliness is to live in the light and to live with God.
So we wash often – spiritually and physically. Wash the inner self (The new inner self growing in God’s will) hand in hand with the outer self. Respect the inner person as well as the outer person, give dignity to both.

“If we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus his Son washes away our sins”. 1 John 1:7 – Bible.

Christians need to regularly meet together so that spiritual washing can take place.

Jesus Christ while on this Earth on one occasion cleaned his disciples feet. We Christians need to do likewise. But this cleaning of feet is a spiritual lesson from Jesus. We do not actually clean people’s physical feet — no no. Jesus Christ has cleaned us when we were baptised we were fully immersed in a spiritual/soul cleansing. God has cleaned us whole (the saved ones). But we Christians still get dirty. The world is dirty. Dirt is all around – spiritually. Jesus taught us that we still need to clean one another. We Christians meet together in fellowship and in doing so we are cleaned. The blood of Jesus cleans us. We Christians need regular part cleaning. No human stays clean all the time. We need regular physical cleaning and regular spiritual cleaning.

Being clean gives us peace of mind it reinforces our sanity. We humans naturally see cleanliness as normal, it is what God wants. God is always clean. We must try to clean ourselves as often as possible so that we are clean like God our creator. In our after life in heaven we are eternally clean, we work towards that objective of our eternal cleanliness. And I say “Bring on heaven I look forward to heaven. Death carries no worries with it, to die a natural death is sweet, death no longer carries a sting with it, we have overcome death”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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