New Norcia – holy meditations

The monks are asked what do they do? I think of writings that I read in a booklet in my guesthouse room. A well known catholic saint went in to a chapel. Later on coming out of the chapel friends asked her “what did you do?” “I listened to God” she said and before her friends were able to ask she said “and God listened too”. When we pray to God we are speaking to God but when we are listening to God God could also be listening or he could be speaking to us. But in spirit we listen and often our mind does not know what out spirit is listening too.

So it is by faith that we listen to God and thus God enlightens our spirit thus enlightening our heart and mind. In this enlightening process we in heart and mind are lighted up so we discern more we see more we understand more. So in listening to God why should not God also listen. It is a mutual listening, God and we listen together. God is Spirit and it is understanding in spirit that gives life. Spirit is life and gives life. Spirit gives life to flesh. God listens to us. We do not want a God that is continually yapping away; constant chatter is unwise. The wise person often stays quiet and listens. The head has two ears and one tongue meaning listen twice as much time than talking. Talking can get us into trouble. Listening gets no one in to trouble. Words should be used with measure and used carefully making sure our words are doing good. God gave us words and words are a tool of the person to help or hinder. Words spoken or written can bring on wars. Wars can and have killed millions of people. Wars start with words. Words start with thoughts and thoughts are in words. So at New Norcia people come to listen just as the monks are listening. Wisdom is not found unless one has done a lot of listening first. Listen, learn, then talk. Listening to God is spirit listening as God is Spirit. What is God saying? People say we don’t know what God is saying. We never hear from God. But God is Spirit and he speaks to spirit. Have faith, listen and soon you will be wise you will understand. Teachers of the world teach knowledge but unless it is knowledge in spirit the knowledge is vain. Knowledge not of God can just puff us up and make us feel important we are proud. And “pride goes before a fall” as the wise saying goes. Knowledge of God can be eternal but it has to be knowledge of Jesus Christ. Only the mind of Jesus Christ is eternal. Mind knowledge of the world is temporal such knowledge leaves us it burns off in the refining / growing. Worldly teachers carry a pride such pride leads to arrogance. They believe in themselves apart from God. Arrogance means that a person is not listening to good sense. The mind of Jesus Christ is good sense. The mind of Jesus Christ is the superior mind to all other minds, other minds are in to idolatry.

We run a race we want to win the race we drop off all unnecessary luggage we give up all things that will weigh us down we run keeping only the simplest of needs we give up all wants and desires we only go with our needs. We run a straight path we keep straight and we keep our words to a minimum if we speak or write we keep to the truth we run with faith believing all our running is not in vain we endure suffering and troubles but we persevere knowing that what is ahead is all worth it. Worldly people need not come to New Norcia there is nothing much for them here. People of the world climb mountains but not in spirit but in the physical. The world is all amazed when people climb say Mount Everest or some other high physical mountain. These climbers even die climbing their physical mountains. What a waste. What vanity. To achieve in spiritual is much much more beneficial than achieving in physical. Physical is only temporal, spirit can be forever. But there are good spirits and there are evil spirits. It is vain to achieve in evil spirituality. So I am listening, I listen day and night, my spirit listens, my spirit listens to God and my spirit listens to other people. My spirit is continuing learning. And in later life (hopefully soon) when God overcomes the world completely through me my spirit will be of a maturity to hopefully fully understand. But patience is needed by me. Faith is needed by me to believe in my fully enlightened state in my later life. The wise of God climb a mountain but it is not a mountain in the physical. This spiritual mountain is not like any other mountain this mountain of God prepares us for eternity.

I said there can be mutual listening we listen and God listens. But is not this an impasse? What is the point of listening to God when He is also listening? But in our listening we can just reflect and mediate. We reflect off God in spirit to Spirit. God is all pure in Spirit and such God purity reflects on us in our spirit. In coming to New Norcia where the place is soaked in prayer and evil does not like to tread we can not be molested by evil spirits thus ensuring a good reflection off God and great meditating thoughts. I love holy meditation, such thinking is like heavenly thoughts.

Regards; Lester John Murray.

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31 August 2012


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