I Had a Dream

My dream is worthy of note because my dream was not just one of my usual dreams my dream was as vivid as seeing through my physical eyes right in clear daylight. I knew that after I had this dream that this dream was no ordinary dream but an extra ordinary dream. I guessed that rightly this said dream can only have come from God. I was a new Christian not that long before I had this extra ordinary dream. This dream stands out to me it is a dream that I can never forget I remember even most of the dreams intricate details. I like every human have dreams when sleeping but this dream was nothing like my other dreams. I can not remember other dreams as well as this said dream. I know the Bible talks about people having dreams. God speaks to people through dreams. I believe the said dream came from God our creator and that the dream was to give me understanding.

I have considered this said dream many times in the past and wondered at its amazing images that were cast in my minds eyes in my dream state of sleep. I have definitely wanted to understand this dream. Was God intending to enlighten me through this dream? I guess so. But it was up to me to reflect and meditate and commune with God and hopefully glean the answers to this dream. Truth comes from God. Truth can come from Gods lips. Truth can also come from the people on this earth. In Christ we true believers are on a journey this journey is likened to a climb of a mountain. On climbing we get higher and higher. We climb the mountain of God. In climbing as we get higher we see more. So our understanding is increased. We know more. The people of the world are like the river at the base of Gods mountain of knowledge. People of the world do not get the knowledge of God.

I had this dream. I will keep my explanation of this dream very simple. I do not want to go outside any lines of thought where this dream can be interpreted as false. I can only be truthful and God is my witness. So my dream is as follows:

I saw a shadow a little shadow holding a little disc thingie and waving it, I think with both hands on it, and waving it up and down vigorously. It was like the shadow was beating the air with this disc. I felt like the shadow was trying to protect itself. Was the shadow in my head? I could only guess. After the shadow was vigorously beating the air with this disc for a very short time 3 other shadows appeared on the scene. I am not trying to be obnoxious here but here I must add that with these 3 new shadows on the scene accompanying them was a (okay here goes I can only say what it appeared to be and my perception tells me I am right) penis. Yes a penis of a male human. I am been honest. These 3 shadows and the penis and the shadow (the shadow that had been beating the air) then ran around in a circular fashion running around a central whatever. The first shadow dropped off this circular platform and like hid. I think it was trying to get away from the 3 new shadows and the penis. This first shadow was like laying low just to the side and lower side of the circular platform. The 4 shadows and the penis were all about the same height; in the dream they all looked about quarter of an inch high.

This dream is still as strong in my memory as it has been ever since I had it. Of course my memory imprint is not as fresh as it used to be but my memory seems to have still an imprint of it that still validates the dream as a divine dream that only God could give.

I want to understand the dream. Now the following explanation is from my perception of the dream. I can only say what I perceive the dream to be it may not be all correct. I have mused over this dream in the past and consider I may have unravelled the dreams secrets. In doing so my intention is not to offend any person.

The shadows are souls or spirits. The first soul was mine. The location of the dream might be the head. The other 3 new souls on the scene might be my mother and 2 sisters souls or spirits. The penis I do not know.

I lost my mind to other souls / spirits. But I did not totally give in. I Had my mind taken over. I in my soul/spirit endeavoured to carry on the best I could even though I had my mind taken over. My mother and sisters had over run me they 3 together were stronger than me. I could not keep up the defence I was over whelmed by superior numbers. My soul beating the air was to keep the other souls from entering my head. I lost but I had not given up. Some how I still managed to keep going from my hiding place. I did not lose my mind altogether to these other souls as I kept up a vigil of faith hoping that the future would hold a hand of help out to me. I had a faith but what in I do not know. I knew little about Jesus Christ. I was not schooled in Jesus Christ teaching. I guessed there was a superior God. So I was holding on to my mind as best as I could from within the place of my hiding. Each year I was losing more strength my spiritual strength was lessening but I was going to hold out the best I could. Maybe I had a prophet spirit and as such had a strong spirit / soul. Later in life I perceived that I was given a prophet calling from God. In the mean time my strength in spirit was taking a lashing. I was desperately in need of help. No help other than God help would or could be of any use.

So am I deluded in thinking my mother and 2 sisters were my enemies. The bible does say that a prophet is not honoured in his own family and again not honoured in his home town and maybe even not honoured in his own country. The bible does say that a persons worst enemies are the people in his own family. The bible is true.

In all this God preaches forgiveness. So my mother and 2 sisters are saved. Saved? Saved from what? Saved from their sins. Souls / spirits are simple they are made simple but transgress. We in soul / spirit are like children we misbehave as children what ever age in human years we are. We are always children to God.

I in soul endured suffering but in Jesus I now live in strength wisdom and power. I did not let evil prevail and break me I in Jesus rose above the evil and now live above ruling with God.
In ruling above my words in Jesus are honed and sharp. In Jesus I have risen up and overcome the world. The world can only be overcome in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ overcame the world at Calvary on the cross defeating all the wicked worldly dark spiritual powers. Jesus lives. He died but came back to life.

My mother, sisters and brothers are those people who serve God. My family is the church.

I have been blessed with a simple soul. God does say that he protects simple souls. So God did rescue me even though I suffered enormously but in my suffering other souls eventually got saved. Jesus took suffering on the cross to save many people and we mortals also suffer and in doing so people get saved.

Regards; Lester John Murray.

See my Facebook page : Lester John Murray.

23rd August 2012.


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