An Analogy of the Head and the Body

Come out spirit look up.
What is it?
We call it a head.
What does it do?
Look closer; see those two slit things in the front they are what we call eyes they see. Here give me your right hand; this; these are my eyes in spirit; I see in spirit like you too in spirit see; the head has two eyes to see too. Look at the head’s sides see an ear on each side, these ears hear. You and I hear noises so does the head. See that thing between the two eyes; it juts out abit; that’s called a nose. Here look at me this is my nose; it smells. See this; this is my tongue; look at the head; the head has a tongue in its mouth too and the tongue tastes.
I understand about seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling but what about the sense of touch or what we call to feel.
The head does not touch or feel.
Why not?
That is the way it is. The body does the touching and feeling.
What do you mean the body?
Come here spirit; hold my and; see the head; now look below the head that is what we call the body.
Is it wrong to touch or feel?
Let me put it this way; a lot of trouble in this world has been caused by touching and feeling. The head is rational it uses reason and this reason is based on seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling but not touch. You don’t see the head touching or feeling people or things it is the body that touches and feels and look at the trouble feeling and touching has caused in this world. The body relies on touch/feelings whereas the head relies on the other senses. Actually the body should rely on the head to know not go on touch/feelings. The head should be in charge the body should not be in charge.
What does the word analogy mean?
Analogy can be defined as: – A similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar.
The Bible often refers to God or Jesus Christ as the head and the Bible often calls the Church the body of Christ. We see an analogy between the human head/body and God with the Church. The Bible makes it clear that this said analogy works for God/church the same way it works for head/body. We humans are an analogy of God and the Church. We humans are each a simple version of Almighty God and the wider Church. Every truth has its simple understanding. All truth has simplicity underlining it. Without simplex understanding we get so complex that we might as well be up with the fairies. Spirit (ours) needs to understand to be relevant in this world. When we build a house we first put in a foundation for the house. We put in a sturdy foundation and usually the foundation is made of concrete. Concrete is the simple foundation it is not complex. But instead of building the house on top of the concrete foundation in wood we can also build the house in concrete. A lot of people may put down a foundation in concrete but build on top of this in wood. Wood is nature based. Wood is only as strong as nature. Wood is weaker than concrete. Of course the wise person builds in iron and such people are usually the servants of God. Prophets of God are the iron people. We talk about a person as been “very wooden”; they get their strength from wooden / nature / humanism / worldly endeavours. Such people are known as “dry” they do not look or act inspired not inspired in spirit from God Spirit. Nature loving people are more mother orientated rather than father orientated people. We call nature “Mother Nature”. So when a person is in deep distress – Do they call out for the mother’s help or call out for the father’s help? Mum is usually the word (“Mums the word”) for most people and it shows that the father’s word has less respect than the mother’s word. The Bible teaches us that God is the Father and His Word is supreme. Mother Mary’s word is not supreme.
Who am I?
You my dear man are a spirit.
Who are you?
I am God’s Spirit. I have understanding.
What is the old sinful nature person?
That is the old nature person in your heart that dies; you in spirit have been raised up and you live for spirit. Your knowledge is in spirit you do not need to be ruled by the sinful nature flesh man in your heart. That life in the sinful nature flesh is of the past life you have a new life in spirit with God.
God, you and me, are we in the heart of the body?
We in spirit are in the heart but we in spirit worship the head.
But the head above the body – is that God?
God is every where but his seat is in the head. Just as your seat and mine (in spirit) is in the heart. God is above in the head too. This is a great mystery and needs a lot of thought with discernment. Ones eyes have to be very clear to see and understand. God is a God of analogy and metaphor. It is time to retire and think about these things; ponder and amaze oneself. You won’t know the truth unless you speak out and think. Jesus came in to this world and he will come again. Be watchful.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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