A Time for Everything

I was walking on my usual rounds of the day; I came to one of my favourite spots. I was on the grounds of a large city Cathedral. I often come here. I do not bother much with the gardens here; I am one to go in to the Church and meditate. But this time I noticed something different. As I came up the driveway of the Church my eyes glanced over to where a tree was. But the tree was no more. My mind thought; it thought and thought. I was in a thought crisis. The lovely tree had gone. All that was left was a neat cut stump lying low in the ground. “The tree; the tree” I gasped in my thinking; “What have they done to it”.

The tree and its cut down brought on more of my thinking. Such thinking is as follows:

Gertrude (A tree near Henry) what are you looking at?
I am looking at you.
You are for it.
What do you mean?
Never mind.
Come on tell.
Look at all the mess you put around.
A few sticks.
More than a few sticks; more like many branches.
Hey that happens when you get old it happens to all of us.
But it’s happening to you now. And the children are not allowed to sit in your shade now. You see those notices put up by the head gardener they say no sitting near this tree; you. You are dangerous.
Phooey I am no danger.
You are.
(The phone rings in the head gardener’s office; the Bishop is on the phone)
Yes Your Grace; yes I will see to it.
(The head gardener goes outside; he looks at the tree) “Tut, tut” he thinks.
(Another complaint has come in about the tree. Branches are falling on people)
Henry sighs “I wish the children would come and sit in my shade again. I loved to hear their cherry chatter”.
(Evening comes then morning)
(Henry is still asleep he is known now to take long sleeps. He dreams of his younger days as a young big strong tree; the sunny days with children sitting at his feet laughing)
Henry, Henry.
Urrr aaar what? Who is it?
Henry the word is out; you are for it today.
Gertrude you woke me up from a lovely sleep now stop it and all this silly talk.
You are for the chop.
Leave me alone you talk nonsense.
(Henry goes back to sleep)
(Bbbzzzzzzzzzzzzz the chain saw goes)
What the; Can a tree get some sleep.
(Henry feels queasiness; it is like a knife is going in to him)
(Henry feels faint he starts to lose consciousness)
Who is there? What is going on?
Bye Henry.
Gertrude; help, help me.
(The assistant gardeners finish the job. Henry is fallen)
(That afternoon a truck comes to the Church grounds and the tree is cut up and put on it)
The assistant gardener says “That will make good firewood”.

As I said I was looking at the stump. The tree was no more; it obviously had served its purpose and was wanted no more. I thought “Everything has it’s time. But there are new beginnings; the stump is still there”.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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