Listening to God


Damn that clock.
Herbert gets out of bed; he goes in to the ensuite bathroom.
Brrrriiiiiiii [the electric shaver]
Herbert gets dressed and goes out to the kitchen / dining room.
Band on the run; band on the run [the radio is on full blare]
Ddddduuuurrr [the blender is going]
What are you making dear?
Shirley wants a milkshake.
Herbert downs quickly some toast and a cuppa tea.
Bye dear.
Herbert gets in to his car. Brrrriiiiummmm [the car engine comes to life]
Briiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmm [the car engine]
Band on the run; band on the run [the car radio blares out music]
Herbert passes a building site. Drrrriiiiiiii [drills operating] raaaawwww [saws operating]
Herbert arrives at his work; he starts his work computer.
Rriiiinggg [the phone goes]
For the next some what hours the phone is ringing every so often.
Rrrriiiiiinnnnnngggg [the phone goes]
Comes 4.30pm Herbert leaves his work and drives home.
Brrrrrrriiiiiuuuumm [the car engine]
Herbert arrives home.
The television is on in the lounge giving off a loud noise.
Music is blaring loudly from Shirley’s room.
After dinner and watching television Herbert retires to bed.
Herbert has insomnia his mind /soul takes ages to get rid of all the manmade noises he heard during the day and evening.


Cock a doodle doo; cock a doodle doo [the rooster crows]
Pedro rises from his sweet slumber.
Pedro smells the sweet smell of bacon and eggs cooked on the wood stove.
The smell of the wood burning brings much vigour to Pedro’s nasal passages.
Pedro goes outside washes himself in the natural spring water from the well at the back of his home.
Pedro and his wife and their child have beaming smiles on their faces.
Pedro eats his breakfast and drinks some natural spring water.
Pedro goes off to work; he is a wood cutter.
Pedro works hard working with his hands.
God wants us humans to work with our hands.
While Pedro is working he hears the birds whistling; the sheep nearby are baaaaing; the stream close by makes a sound of water gushing; the tree branches make swaying noises.
Then there comes the end of Pedro’s working day. From afar Pedro smells the cooking smells coming from his wife’s cooking at home.
Pedro washes in the pure clean spring water and eats his sumptuous meal and drinks a little home made wine.
There are smiles on the faces of Pedro and his wife and daughter.
Pedro later retires and has a heavenly sleep.

God Made and Manmade

God made creation and rested. Man has been making creation ever since. As soon as man could make or create he has done so. Man got knowledge and with this knowledge he makes / creates. God made us humans; he made all the animals; he made all the birds; insects; fish and not to forget he made all the plants. Man has made a lot of things too. Man has made the television; the car; the blender; the telephone; the radio; the drill; the saw; the airconditioner; the fan; the ships; the planes; the stoves; the fridges and it goes on never stopping; man goes on creating.

God’s creations are simplistic. Man’s creations (inventions) are complex. Man thinks now that complex is God; complex is truth; complex is natural etc. Man has made a complex world. God made a simple universe but Man has complicated it by making a complex man made world. Man has made himself complex and in doing so has missed the heart beat of God. We must have our hearts beating to Gods rhythm or our hearts work against God.

Man’s creations (inventions) emit manmade noise whereas God’s creations emit God sounds. To listen to mans creations (inventions) is not natural but to listen to God’s creations is natural. Herbert has insomnia; this is because his mind / soul naturally do not gel with manmade noise. Pedro sleeps well; all day and night he hears natural God made sounds.

The Simple Life

Mankind needs the simple life. But mankind thinks that complexity will give them the happiness that they seek. Complexity gives only complicated and confusing. Complexity does not make one happy. Simplicity makes for happiness. Joe Blogs just wants to leave the city and go and live on a Pacific Island along with a woman; a few animals; a few hens and fishing tackle. Joe wants to be off the tread mill of complexity; that is off trying to be happy by accumulating wealth that this world calls wealth. Pedro and his wife and daughter smile but Herbert and his wife and daughter seldom smile. Money and the love of it destroys families. Families are torn apart because of the love of money. Pedro has hardly any money but he and his family are happy and contented. Herbert’s family are in crisis all the time.

The Religious simple Life

Men and Women do try to return to the simple life by living a simple religious vocation. There have been many people in the past and there are many people now living the simple religious life. The Catholics have their Monasteries and Nunneries. In these Monasteries and Nunneries life is lived in simplicity. Manmade noise is much further from a monk or nun’s soul / mind as they do not give over their minds and hearts to listen to such complex emitting inventions.

Listening in Silence – When we silence all mankind and his / her inventions / creations

We can not listen to God when we are listening to mankind’s creations. Our hearts to listen to God must have the right rhythm with God and to do that our hearts must beat with simplicity. We can not listen to God for example when we are at a rock concert listening to noise that is just trying to snuff out the essence of life in our spirit and soul. Such noise brings on perversion to the extreme. Pervert is to turn away from God. To turn away from God is to worship our bodies rather than the head. We must first have the mind / soul of Jesus Christ.

Listening in Simplicity

God wants us humans to live the simple life. Satan wants us to live the complex life. We have a choice. Who is telling the truth? Is complex the way to go or is simplicity the way to go? Pedro knows nothing much about the world and its knowledge but he is happy. Herbert knows much about the world’s knowledge and he is not happy. Herbert in later life might seek simplicity in a religious order or Herbert might go off and live in simplicity on a Pacific Island. We hope Pedro does not go after mankind’s creations but stays living in Godly simplicity.

Pedro listens to God because Pedro does not seek God in complex, complicated and confusing but in simplicity.

Who wants to listen to a complex, complicated and confusing god / God?
Not me.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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