Conscience – Ditto

On more thought on the above subject I have come up with further considerations in relation to knowledge and mankind.

The Snake (Satan) in the Garden of Eden wanted Eve and Adam to eat of knowledge.

God put the fruit of knowledge in Eden so that Adam and Eve can make a choice either eat it and die or not eat it and live on evermore. God is a compassionate God He gives freewill to humans.

Adam and Eve henceforth after eating knowledge lived a short life span. I guess if Adam and Eve had not eaten the fruit of knowledge then their life span could have gone on for along time maybe hundreds or thousands of years maybe even eternity.

Once Adam and Eve got (was it) conscience or was it knowledge of physical and social science or both the mentioned then their lives were short lived.

Knowledge killed them. Satan was an enemy of Adam and Eve. Satan had his own children – the snake children (they are much in abundance today). The children of the snake are enemies of the children of Adam and Eve. I presume the Dragon is the head of all the snake children. When we talk about snake and Dragon we talk about an inner spirit (in people’s bodies). Spirit is only spiritually discerned; there are people in the body of Christ with a gift to discern such spirits.

Jesus Christ in redeeming us from our sins did give us eternal life. Jesus in his resurrection and ascension was in the flesh. Jesus rose in the flesh. Adam and Eve may have had eternal life while they were in the Garden of Eden (God may have had many plans for them and eternity might have meant for them going to lots of places like heaven too) but they forsook eternal life to live a short life and die. But in Jesus eternal life has been restored to humans to those who believe and have faith.

Satan wants the children of Adam and Eve to eat of knowledge. It is as if there are snakes with mortarboard hats on enticing these children to eat of knowledge.

But what is this knowledge? Presumably the knowledge eaters eating in abundance are the ones who look aged in a short time. They are young but look old. People might mistake this for maturity. Knowledge of the tree does not preserve oneself whereas the knowledge (wisdom) of Jesus Christ preserves people making them look young. Jesus (while on this earth) taught knowledge to his disciples but it was and is not a knowledge known to the worldly teachers. Jesus knowledge was for good sense and sensible living.

Obviously Satan loves it when the children of Adam and Eve eat of knowledge. These children become all “puffed up”, they become proud. Their puffed up makes them think they are clever; they walk around putting on airs; they think status and importance about them. These people die and their knowledge dies with them. All their knowledge efforts are all in vain. They meet death and even before death their minds lose the knowledge they so spent many hours of learning. These people when they are very aged think of the vanity of life and the vanity of knowledge because they die and can not take the knowledge with them whereas the wisdom the knowledge of Jesus Christ is eternal.

The main staunch tree of knowledge eaters are the humanists; the atheists and the agnostics.

So there is a difference between the Wisdom (life)/ knowledge of Jesus Christ and the wisdom/ knowledge that was not to be eaten. There is a knowledge that brings death and a knowledge that brings life. True believers in God know the importance of the living wisdom/ knowledge through Jesus Christ.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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