Conscience – Epilogue

Since writing the previous piece on conscience I have had many more thoughts on the subject. One thought that stood out to me was that Conscience was the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve ate off. I had come across this theory in my readings in the past but I can not remember where I read it. We know by good reason that the Tree of Knowledge story is an analogy. It is a story to teach our human spirit. Our spirit once taught can enlighten our soul / mind. Conscience and guilt go par in par. When we do wrong we get a guilty conscience. Adam and Eve both got a guilty conscience when they ate of the Tree of Knowledge. Adam and Eve hid from God they felt guilty. But before Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the Knowledge Tree did they ever feel guilty? In other words did they have a conscience before eating of the fruit? Satan the snake enticed Eve to eat the fruit; this makes me think that it is only to Satan’s advantage to have humans with conscience. But do we humans really need conscience? To have no conscience means we can do as we like and never feel guilty. In the Garden of Eden there was maybe no need for conscience because all creatures lived in natural harmony with God. Up to the time of the Snake tempting Eve there was no evil done and no need to do any evil.

So is conscience like a curse on mankind? Did humans bring conscience on themselves in the beginning?

When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the Knowledge Tree their eyes were opened and they saw as God sees. So does this mean God has conscience? Do we humans see as God sees even up to now? If God has conscience does his Son Jesus Christ have conscience? Is conscience the ability to see a lot; is it what we call insight? But the Fall of Mankind meant death. So did conscience lead all humans on a path to death? It makes me think; before Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge were they going to live for a very long time on this earth? Did conscience bring humans to a short life span?

Conscience is science within and science is knowledge. There is the science within and the science outside (outside the human body). There is the knowledge of the physical universe we call science and the social sciences pertaining to understanding human relationships and society and the knowledge within us we call our moral compass.

The Tree of Knowledge is called the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. This may also be interpreted as the Tree of Knowledge both good and evil. The Tree of Knowledge can also mean all knowledge.

So what is it to be? Is the Tree of Knowledge our moral compass knowledge or is it the understanding knowledge of this physical universe and how human relationships work?

Maybe the Tree of Knowledge is just that knowledge all knowledge; knowledge within and knowledge without. The adage “Ignorance is bliss”. The Garden of Eden was bliss; heaven on this earth; well the closest you could get to heaven on this earth. Once humans got knowledge they were moved out of the garden of bliss. Humans had become like God. Maybe God is a jealous God.

Jesus Christ came to redeem us of our sins. But in redeeming us did Jesus redeem us of the Original Sin the Fall of Man? All Christians in the Church still have conscience so we in Jesus have not lost conscience so if conscience is the Original Sin Jesus has not redeemed us off it. Actually the Bible encourages conscience and does not forbid it. There are many notations of conscience in the Bible Old Testament and New Testament and all notations speak well of conscience; there is no sense here that conscience is a sin. So has Jesus redeemed us Christians from all knowledge? Jesus is certainly about knowledge but it is knowledge in a practical way. This knowledge is wisdom that humans can practice. The Book of Proverbs in the Bible (Old Testament) is about wisdom; we see the word Proverb meaning words that is action words. Verbs are action words. Wisdom is about action; action in behaving well / good (well as in also keeping healthy). So what is good? God only is good.

As mentioned Christians have not forsaken conscience even though they have had converted souls of Christ Jesus. And Christians still over many centuries pursue and learn the sciences of this world / universe.

So what is this Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden? I think the answer lies with the Jews. Is pursuing worldly / scientific knowledge an anomaly? I think the Jews have the answer to this.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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