The Conscience

The conscience. Con and science. Science within. We rule from conscience. Conscience is knowing right from wrong. Having the mind of Jesus Christ is having the ultimate wise conscience. God converts our souls / minds to the thinking of Jesus Christ. To have ultimate wisdom of God is having the best conscience one can have. God gives his wisdom and power through Jesus Christ. Wisdom of Jesus Christ is the supreme wisdom. To have a full conscience of Jesus Christ means one uses all their brain capacity. To use the fullness of the brain means using the fullness of the head. The head then rules; we then are using all our senses for good not bad. We are in the full light of God. The head is in charge of the body. The body does not rule. Conscience rules from above – the head. We confess our sins regularly to keep a free (right) conscience. Sin darkens our conscience thus diluting our senses thus lessens our capacity for wisdom. Sin makes us fools.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

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