The Body Builder as against the head the God Head Builder

You get Dave the rave he’s a body builder he works on his body hours each day. You look at Dave you see a small head (puny in many people’s eyes) but his body is massive all muscles. His head looks so small on his massive body. Looking at Dave you know who is boss; his body is in charge not his head. Dave thinks he is …so very clever to make his body in charge. Dave thinks that he has out witted his head. To be in charge from his body is no mean feat for Dave – it is a lot of consistent hard work. For the wise person of God they make their head to be in charge of the body. The wise person of God looks to the Word of God for their power and wisdom. Wise people exercise spiritually. It is in spirit / Spirit that they see as giving the strength. God’s Word is strength. Wise people look to the knowledge of God for their strength. Wise people exercise spiritually everyday maybe for hours on end.
Dave is popular with all the loose women because they know he is not subject to the one head. In other words Dave is not faithful to one woman. Dave therefore is not faithful to the one God. Dave is not faithful to the one God Head. Dave is faithless and faithless women like him. Dave has one head on his body but Dave chooses to put his body before his head (brains). Dave to achieve all this has to to work out physically hours on end each day going through much pain to his body. But is Dave clever?

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

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