I am who I am – what do you think?

I am bright; I am popular; I am attractive; I am highly intelligent; I am successful at work; I am quite rich; I am hard working.
Woohoo steady up.
What’s wrong?
You certainly are many things.
What’s your problem?
I Am Who I Am.
What was that you said?
I Am Who I Am.
Who said that?
Said what?
I Am Who I Am.
It was not me but it makes sense.
I Am Who I Am.
There the words again. Look are you putting words in to my mind?
Not me.
I Am Who I Am.
There are the words again. What do they mean?
Maybe God is putting those words in your mind.
God; you mean God God?
Yes God God why not?
Why would God be saying such things?
Because God is I Am Who I Am.
God is lots of things.
True but God does not go around saying I am this and that. God simply says I Am Who I Am. We may call God lots of things but God does not praise himself. We praise God. When we go to God in prayer we do not hear God praising himself. We listen as God listens. In the quietness of our hearts our spirit enjoys fellowship with God. God does not want to do a lot of talking. People get the idea that God talks and talks. Why because people talk so much they talk sometimes as much as they can they think that it is clever to talk. Listening is clever not talking. God does not say he is wonderful he is bright he is attractive he is strong he is all wise. We say that about God. The Holy Spirit gives us an understanding of God but God does not self adulate.
When Jesus was on this earth he did not wake up in the morning and start saying “I am so Godly today; I am so handsome; I am so wise”. No Jesus did not self adulate.
So I did wrong?
I Am Who I Am.
There’s the voice again. I Am Who I Am; I Am Who I Am. What is this nonsense talk?
Careful let’s be cautious when we talk about God.
You think God is talking to me.
Well there’s only the two of us in this room. And God might also be here.
You are crazy.
The Father and Son to explain who they are they say “I Am Who I Am”. We humans are different we love to praise ourselves. I am this I am that they love to boast about their accomplishments their successes their human awards their status their monetary worth. Let God judge all these things in us and about us not we do it to ourselves that is if God does do it he most likely will not. God does not talk about things like what we humans talk about. We humans judge according to the worldly things.
So who am I?
You are ‘I am who I am’ but not in all capitals. God is ‘I Am Who I Am’ with capitals at the start of each word. We are like gods not God but god. We are a god with a small g. We are gods because we are members of the God God. So please do not self adulate it’s not wise we do not praise ourselves; if others praise us all to well. God likes to keep everything very simple its mankind who has made this world so very complex. There are many layers of complexity over the teachings of mankind now. Most people today have this complex or that complex people are going crazy out of their minds. A lot of people take drugs to help them through the complex jungle of today’s world. The world is snuffing out God’s creation and mankind is trying to replace God’s creation with mankind’s creation. The human spirit in most people is at a crisis. The human spirit is suffering because spirit is of God’s making and as such spirit is been snuffed out. Robots of the future acting like human beings are mankind’s creation. God made us in his likeness we humans will make robots in our likeness. We humans will try and take over from God. Then there’s the spirit to make; a ghost to make; trying to copy the human spirit.
Ok ok I get it. No more praising myself. I am simply I am who I am and nothing more no layers of complexity on me I am just simply me and no more.
Keep it simple. God Made you just let yourself be what God made you to be. When we are who we are in God we can be free thinkers and think sensibly.
I am who I am and I think.
You have it.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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