Right wing / Left wing – It’s all in the mind

I was reading a book recently about a man who lived in Bulgaria with his wife and children. This man was a Christian leader of a large Protestant Church. This man spent about 13 years in jail. The communists took over Bulgaria and then slowly but determinedly eradicated or tried to eradicate, all religion. Christianity was especially not tolerated by the communist authorities. Christian leaders were jailed and a lot were even tortured, some to death. This Christian man I mentioned who spent 13 years in a jail lets call him John. John was tortured. He survived. Three men arrived at his house. They searched his house and then took him away to a jail. John was soon brought before his torturer. This communist man asked John; “What is the difference between the police and the militia?” John was stubborn and refused to answer. But John also did not know what to reply. John was left standing all night with a guard to make sure he did not go to sleep. Repeatably the next day John was asked again the same question. Again John did not answer; mainly because he did not know what to answer. The communist official then gave him the answer. “The police look after the capitalists and the militia look after the poor people”.

I reflected on this answer the communist official gave to John. So communism is just not about a fool’s paradise even though I still strongly oppose such dogma. The police look after the capitalists. So true but this was true in my thinking more in an era gone by. Take England in the 1800s the police bobby walking the streets. He would be a person who would respect the rich person over the poor person. In those days the rich had status they lived in mansions they owned land. When a rich man needed the police’s help the police would fawn all over the rich man. Titles like Sir and Baron resonated with the police and the police cow towed to such titled persons. It’s changed a lot since those days especially in the once called British colonies. The law now is not a respecter of peoples; not a respecter of titles, money or status. In Australia we get millionaires been put in prison.

So communism detests capitalism [and vice versa]. Communism seems to have been bred in Russia. Why Russia? Russia was the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was led by the Tsars. The Tsars were the ruling royal family. Why are capitalists detested by certain people? Capitalists amass money they amass property they seek wealth; they want to be rich. But if a person goes beyond servicing their needs then wants come in to play and with wants comes suffering, some one or people will have to suffer. Wants are desires and desire transgresses the borders of humanity and its good health. Want is in thought and want can be very dangerous and want usually trespasses. People kill and destroy other people to get what they want but needs are respected. The Tsar and his family and his nobles were living a life of pleasure; pleasure to the flesh and mind. They were partying, drinking alcohol in excess and generally having a gay old time. But as I said when people cater to wants this is their own selfish pleasure and people also suffer. The poor people suffer. The poor worked like pack horses they were treated like dogs. They were poor because the rulers the Tsars and noble people kept them poor. Hey someone has to do the work and the Tsar and nobles were not going to work hey there were too many parties to attend. So communism arose.

Communism is looked as a left wing dogma as capitalism is looked as a right wing dogma. We get right wing and left wing vying for control over the people. But there is a pendulum effect. The pendulum swings one way but it always also goes the other way. You can count on this swing. The swing is to the left and then to the right. But we also know that swinging right wing and left wing can be terrible to the people. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Capitalism at full swing can be detrimental to the people just as communism at full swing can be detrimental to the people. Communism and its secret police and the Siberian work camps were appalling. Such ruling and thinking are akin to Hitler and his Gestapo and concentration camps. Was Hitler right wing? I do not know; maybe he was a person unique on his own.

So is right wing and left wing a type of thinking each having its own separate mind thought? I think of the human body and the head. All answers to life lie straight in front of us. I mean all answers lie in us and beside us. We are the living answer to all life. We carry this answer within us. The body needs to be full of light for our eyes to be sound to see all. If there is darkness in our body there will be darkness in our eyes. To live in the light is to see; to live in the full light is to see all. To attain this light to see we must work for it. To seek enlightenment [light within] we journey on a uphill climb we climb a mountain a mountain like no other mountain a climb that enables us to see the higher we climb. People climb physical mountains and do hard physical pursuits but these are all in vain when compared to the mountain of enlightenment. Physical pursuits are only temporary but the spiritual pursuit of enlightenment is with you for ever.

Right wing and left wing thinking are in corrupt bodies. Humans are all corrupt. We live in corrupt bodies. Our physical bodies decay. We humans are the result of the fall of mankind beginning at the beginning of human thought. We die in physical body. But there is hope Jesus died with all our sins in his body we are redeemed through Jesus. But still we sin but we have forgiveness when we confess. God forgives. So humans live in corrupt bodies and humans want power. Power corrupts because we humans live in corruptible bodies.

So capitalism right wing and communism left wing both have their corruptness. Can we rule from in the middle a kind of centralist position between capitalism and communism? Possible but like most things we humans lean to one way or the other. Who has the discipline to walk a straight narrow middle path; few or none?

The communist official speaking to John as mentioned in the first paragraph makes one think. There is substance in the first question he asked. So we get the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Until the balance of power changes either from right to left or left to right. It is like a see saw effect or could also be called a pendulum effect.
What ever the way the pendulum goes there is always corruptness. But John was thought of as a threat to the communists. John preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. Communists sense that Jesus and his teachings are a threat to the communism ideals. Does this make Jesus Christ a right wing thinker? Is Jesus thought on our right side of our mind? What is on our left side of our mind? The Words / words are on our left side of our mind. But even if we did have a converted soul / mind of God we still live in corrupt physical bodies. Christians usually on the whole are capitalists. I know because I am a Christian. The far right wing Christian group like the Pentecostals are very capitalist. The Pentecostals love the American (USA) way or what is called ‘the American dream’. The Pentecostals lap up all the teachings coming from the American (USA) Tele – Evangelists. These people can be deep in to the prosperity doctrine. The USA is thought of as the main bastion of capitalism in the world.

So what is the answer to leading from right wing or left wing while we are in corrupt physical bodies? Maybe one answer can be – don’t rush in to been a leader or teacher. Another answer would be – have a democratically elected Government. Democracy has been a life saver. With democracy we can change our leaders; change from a left wing leader to a right wing leader and vice versa; change say every 3 years or if one leader keeps a straight middle path we can keep that leader / party in for another term. Without democracy corruptness can go deep and we suffer more for it.

John the Christian preacher did not have an answer for the communist official. John suffered 13 years in jail amongst the torture; lice; bed bugs and bad food. Alot of Christian people have suffered at the hands of the communists. But we are all corrupt. John would have said that Jesus was not and is not a communist. Maybe John would have said that Jesus was and is a capitalist. To be honest I detest all extremes. And I certainly would hate to live under any communist Government.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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