There were four men and one woman waiting in the reception area of the head quarters of a big time company in a down town city. The time was along time ago before my grandfather’s time.

One man had black skin [African descent]; another man was a homosexual and the third man had a mental illness; the fourth man was none of the said; the woman was none of the said but of course she was female.

All five of these people were average to above average intelligence; they had all studied at university; they all had commerce degrees; all five were church goers.

In a side office three men were sitting looking at the resumes of the five said people. These three men were all in their forties in age; all experienced in interviewing techniques; all held prestigious degrees from universities and all three attended their churches most Sundays.

On the job application that the four applicants filled out prior to coming for the interviews they each had to write their sexual orientation and their health status.

At the end of all the four interviews the company men had made their decisions. Each applicant was then called in again to be notified of the job to be offered them.

The fourth man applicant was offered a Senior Manager’s job. The woman applicant was offered a Human Resources Executive job. The African descent man was offered a sales clerk job. The homosexual man was offered a drivers job. The mentally ill man was offered a janitor’s job.

Emancipation means been liberated from fixed beliefs of other people. People control other people by using ideas; dogma; and so called truths [truths that do not hold up to good reason]. This control is over people’s minds therefore this control can control other people’s whole lives. Jesus Christ came to set us free from lies. Jesus Christ brought us the truth. Jesus came to save our souls and set us free from the Devils lies.

Women were the first to get liberated. Dark skinned people were a close second. Homosexuals are gaining momentum even now in liberating themselves. But there leaves last the mentally ill the last and poorer cousin. Janitors do not get paid much salary. If and when the homosexuals get their freedom will the mentally ill get their freedom?

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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One Response to “Liberation”

  1. Lester Says:

    I am now of the persuasion that homosexual people are born homosexual. I am of the persuasion that homosexuality is not a choice made by people for their sexual orientation. Trying to change a person from a homosexual to a heterosexual is also wrong in my view. One is born in to their sexual orientation and one can not change that by religion or any mind enhancing way.

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