The King and I

Location: Wellington City Town Hall; New Zealand.

Time: About 1985.

Proceedings: Christian Preaching by Leighton Ford. Leighton is the brother in law of Billy Graham.

The Town Hall was full of people in the audience. I was also there. Leighton Ford was preaching from the main front stage area. I was sitting about half way back in the ground floor seating.

I saw a vision: The vision was of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church; he was standing on the main front stage. The Pope was John Paul 11. The Pope was bigger in size he was much taller. He looked in the vision to be about 6 foot 4 inches there about [Maybe more like 7 feet]. The Pope was dressed in white garments the type the Pope wears. I knew it was John Paul 11 because I have seen many pictures of him.

I had a crown on my head:

My heart felt like a river was gushing through it:

Time period: It must have all happened in a matter of a few minutes but to be honest I do not know how long the experience happened.

What happened was one of the most beautiful sensations that have happened to me. My heart felt so very good. I did not think much during this time but it occurred to me to look around the audience; I was thinking maybe many people in the audience were praying for me. I looked around but no one was taking much attention of me. It was me all alone and the experience.

About two days later in the newspaper there was an article about the Town Hall preaching event. The article quoted Leighton saying something about the simplicity of God. When I think about it, it seemed at the time of the vision that also a voice within me was talking to someone or some people in the Hall.

Why would the Pope [in the vision] be made taller / bigger in size?
What does the crown represent?
What was going on in my heart and why?

This Pope Vision and crown Vision and heart happening really happened to me. This is a true story.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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