The Bugger

Sam was the Good Samaritan. Sam was always helping people. He also helped the animals and birds. He helped all life.

Sam was greatly misunderstood by society at large. When Sam came to help people often they would say to him “Bugger off”. Sam only had the best of intentions.

It was Sam’s coming of age he was now a man. Sam was given permission by his parents to leave home. Sam moved in to the city. “I am free” said Sam “I am my own person I can be independent”. Sam started to explore the city. He went for a walk. Sam saw a young child walking on the road. Sam saw danger. A car was coming and the child was in its path. Sam rushed to the child picked the child up in his arms and rushed the child out of harms way. The child shuddered and cried. At that moment a woman comes out of a shop and starts yelling “Put my child down you child molester” The woman calls out for help “Police call the police”. People start to gather. The mother grabs the child from Sam. But Sam says “I was helping, the child was …” No one wanted to listen to Sam. “Child molester” people in the crowd shouted. “But” said Sam “the child was on the …” But to no avail, Sam was not been heard out. The mother and crowd did not see the child on the road. Sam was scared the police was on its way so Sam bolted it. He ran and he ran. Sam ran until he was so exhausted that he could not run any more. After a while of resting Sam got back on his feet and continued walking. He thought he had had enough of the outing and proceeded to walk back to his digs. Sam saw an old lady at the road crossing. She looked confused. Sam walked up to her and took her by the arm and offered to help her cross the road. The lady started yelling “Help help bugger off you bag snatcher”. “Oh no lady I am not here to steal from you I am just …..” But the lady started to swing her bag with all force at Sam knocking him down to the ground. “Bugger off bugger off” the lady screamed. A siren was heard. Sam got up on his feet and ran again. “There’s the bugger” constable Edwards said. The police car pulled alongside Sam. Sam stopped running. The police car stopped and two policemen got out of the car. “Come on you bugger get in the car we are taking you to the police station”. Sam was in the back seat of the police car. The two policemen in the front seats were in conversation. “I bet he’s that child molester that was reported in one hour ago”. “He looks a real bugger” said the other policeman. At the police station Sam was booked. He was to be put before the Judge that afternoon. Come afternoon Sam was put in to a holding cell next to the court room. “Come on” said the security guard “Take off your trouser belt”. “Why” said Sam. “Regulations” said the guard “You might try and hang yourself”. “Hang myself with two guards in here with me and also five other prisoners here not very likely”. “Come on the belt”. “Ok ok” Sam passed the belt over to a guard. Then Sam’s trousers fell down. “Dirty bugger” shouted a guard “Pull your trousers back up ya bugger”. “But the belt holds them … “Shut up” shouted a guard. Sam’s time came to front the Judge. Sam was led out of the holding cell in to the court room. Sam said a quiet prayer “Help me Lord Jesus”. The court room was full of people. Sam was led to the dock. Sam had both hands in both side pockets this was to hold his trousers up. The Judge looked at Sam “Take your hands out of your pockets” shouted the Judge at Sam “Put your hands on the edge of the dock”. “But I have to hold …” “No buts shouted the Judge”. Sam took his hands out of his pockets his trousers fell down around his ankles. Sam lent down to pull his trousers up. “Guards” shouted the Judge “Get this mans hands up where I can see them”. “Sorry” professed Sam. Sam looked around the court room “so many people” he thought. Sam just did not connect up to all the proceedings it was all like a bad dream to him. After a while he heard “You can leave the court”. A guard came up to Sam and put handcuffs on his wrists. “Come on” said the guard “follow me”. Sam started to walk but his trousers were down around his ankles. Many people stood up to look at Sam. Sam tried to walk he managed a shuffle walk. The Judge thought “What a bugger”. Sam was escorted by a guard in to a waiting police van. Sam joined other prisoners in the back of the van. Sam could not pull up his trousers he had handcuffs on. Some of the other prisoner’s leered at Sam lust was in their eyes. One prisoner had big tattoos over his arms. One tattoo said “Mother fucker”. The van stopped on a number of occasions prisoners were ordered out of the van. After a time Sam was by himself in the back of the van. Eventually Sam was ordered out of the van. “Where are we” asked Sam. “You are at Sunny Side Mental Asylum” replied a guard. Two male nurses come up to Sam. One nurse says “We have a right Charlie here don’t we another molester is he”. “Yep” says a guard “he’s a real bugger”.

Sam was at Sunny Side for a while. He was glad when he was released. Sam did have an insight in to the behaviours of other people while in hospital. It was truly an eye opener close up.

Sam was no bugger. Sam was just a simple man and just the same way as the simple Jesus was treated people try and make simple complicated and make complicated simple. Sin and complex seem to go together. People get tied up in their complexes and go to what we call shrinks [Psychiatrists] to break down their complexes in to simplexes. The shrink tries to unravel the complexities; shrink the whole complex bubble. The mind in thinking too much complexness starts to get confused and the mind gets disorientated. The world is complex and it’s getting worse. We need to go back to the beginning – “THE SIMPLE WORD OF GOD”. Simple keeps us sane. The Word of God is our sanity. We should read the Bible regularly. Sanity is about sanitation – getting the waste out. The WORD of GOD gets the waste out.

Sam was a simple man in a complex world. The world tried to make Sam complex. The world lost Sam and the heavens won Sam. Sam found simplicity in God. God rules the heavens and God subjected the world to himself.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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