Living Head / Burning Heart

The heart rages it can be like a bull unfettered and wild. I can only tame my heart by God’s help.

My head is a god head a head taken over by God. I am a god a god of the God. I am not a God but one of the many gods in the likeness of the one true supreme creator God. My head is in charge. My head has the mind of Jesus Christ. My heart is ruled by my head. The mind of Jesus Christ rules my heart. The heart subjects itself to the head. The heart does not rule. The heart fights for control but the head wins. The heart does not want to be ruled by the head. If the heart is tamed the body is tamed.

The heart is like the place of the altar of God. In the Old Testament days the Jews sacrificed animals by burning them on an altar. Now in Jesus wisdom we have only one sacrifice and that sacrifice is Jesus Christ himself.

The heart burns, it is like on fire, day and night continually burning. We feed this fire in our hearts with flesh and blood. The flesh and blood is in Word. This is the Word of God. God is Word and Jesus the Son of God is in Word. We feed the fire in our hearts with God’s Word; Word and more Word. The more Word we put on the fire the more the fire blazes. The fire gives light. The Holy Spirit is in the heart of the Body of Christ. The Holy Spirit contributes to the fire in the heart. The Holy Spirit is our continual fire and gives light to the body the church. The head is alive and the heart burns.

When we burn in heart we also burn sins. The sins are burnt in this burning sacrifice of Jesus. Sins are burnt away in this process making the body healed. These sins are sins in the Body of Christ that is the church. The church sins day and night and sins are continually burnt away in the fire in the heart.

When we in living head have control over the heart we indeed have much control. We rule the church from the head. The church is the body. The church is made up of everyone who is elected by God for salvation to go to heaven in the end times. The heart is in the church and the Holy Spirit is in the heart and the Holy Spirit does its upmost to help the church / body to submit to the God Head.

Jesus Christ is the God Head He rules from above. We each elect of God have the mind of Jesus Christ. The body obeys the mind of Jesus Christ. The head always rules. Jesus Christ is the supreme Head. Every god in this world is subject to the mind of Jesus Christ. The elect of God rule like kings and priests.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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