The God Head

There are male and female human beings and both sexes have a head. We know the God Head as been purely male in orientation. The God Head comprises The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are known to be male. We know the Father and Son are male but does the Holy Spirit have to be male? We know the God head is one in nature though there are 3 persons but they are 3 the same in nature so the Holy Spirit would have to be also male.

We have a God Head been all male but what about the females what about their head?

It seems that female human beings are headless but they are not. Mother Mary mother of Jesus is not in the God Head as we know it. The father is with the son not with the mother. The father and son are the seed bearers. The mother does not bear seed. We have physical seed [sperm] and we have spiritual seed [words]. The Father God and Son Jesus Christ are bearers of spiritual seed the God seed. We male humans who are chosen by God for salvation are bearers of both physical seed and spiritual seed. We carry in us God himself we carry Father God and Son God and Holy Spirit in our bodies. We each chosen child of God are each an analogy of God of the greater God. We are like miniatures of heaven, hell, earth, and Gods kingdom. Look at an atom and see the analogy of the greater workings of God. Look at one and see all. The kingdom of God is within. The God Head is the brains. The Head has the brains. We are human spirit and we in human spirit must glorify the Head. In human spirit we mature and get wiser. In human spirit we are in the kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit is in the kingdom of God. There is one Holy Spirit as there is one God and one Kingdom of God. We chosen of God are connected up we are one in the body of Christ. There is one body of Christ. The head is above; the body is below the head; the body serves the head. The brains rule. The body does not rule. We serve the head. We [in spirit] do not work for money or food or things we [in spirit] work for the head.

In our hearts there is the old flesh person the [descended from] Adam and [descended from] Eve person. In the case of males there is the old nature the Adam person. I presume [I am not sure] the females have the old nature of the Eve person. This old nature we crucify. We crucify this old nature with the Spirit and Words of God. We walk in the Spirit of God’s teachings; cleansing out all dirt [sins]; washed in Spirit; washed in God’s Word. The old man / woman dies; this is the old flesh sinful nature; we live for spirit. Our human spirit is taught by the Holy Spirit; we in human spirit in the kingdom of God are like joined [metaphorically] to the Holy Spirit we grow in our human spirit to be holy. Human spirit is a person spirit just as the Holy Spirit is a person spirit. Our intention is be holy like God. To live for spirit in this case God Spirit is hard it is not easy; to die in our old flesh nature is painful; the more we die and give up on sin the more painful it is. The pain is in our hearts; we carry a tension between what is holy for our human spirit and what is sinful in our old flesh nature. Salvation from our sins is not an easy road; it is hard and painful.

The God Head is a male dominion. Why is the God Head not Father, Mother and Holy Spirit? The Mother is passed over for the Son. The Son sits in heaven next to the Father not the Mother. Mother Mary, Mother of Jesus does not sit beside the Father in heaven. The Son is more glorified than the Mother. Why is the Mother glorified less than the Father’s Son? The Father and the Son rule the universe but the Mother is not ruling. Why is the God Head without the Mother? The Mother surely has a Head on her body. We could have instead of a Triune God we could have 4 persons in the God Head thus including the Mother. The Book of Genesis of the Bible says that God is male and female. Where is the female side in the God Head? So was the Triune God Head thought up by males who discriminated against females? Why did Jesus not have amongst his 12 apostles some females? Female human beings have brains we know that. The God Head implies female humans do not have brains. So do male humans have to think for female humans? Do female humans think? They have the word but the Bible says that the word came first to the first male human Adam. Did Eve get the word from Adam or from God? It was like Eve was created as an after thought; “Oh Adam you are lonely I [God] will make you a companion; a help meet”.

The God Head is a male bastion and a male bastion it will stay. Hey who is going to change the make up of the God Head? Who will try? Jesus Christ the Son has proved he is worthy to sit at the right side of God the Father. Mary or no other female human did what Jesus did. It was Jesus who died on the cross. Jesus was worthy he proved his worth. Mary did not die on the cross for all our sins. God the Father sent his Son to this world to save it. God did not send a woman to save this world. Mother Mary can not wash [with her blood] away our sins. Salvation is only through one person and that person is Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus Christ washes away our sins. God made the call and it was his Son that he chose not any other person to reconcile mankind back to God. So why did God have a begotten Son and not a begotten daughter? God is both male and female and had a Son. We call God Father not Mother. Is the Bible discriminating against women? Do we humans need to meet the female side of God? Do we need to emancipate the world from a male domination of God? Jesus proved his worth he is worthy to sit in heaven beside the Father God. God made the call he chose his Son to be the worlds saviour. God is God and he can do as he likes.

We humans have to abide by God’s ruling otherwise we suffer. The male will go on ruling as long as God wants it so. I do not think it will change. The wisdom of God is set it will not change. God does not change. We wait for Jesus Christ to return to this earth and take us to heaven. There’s the parallel of carrying the God kingdom within us and the greater kingdom of God the heavens above.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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