“I think therefore I am” or “I am who I am”

I think therefore I am. What am I? I am a living soul / spirit. Thoughts are to do with soul. Soul is the mind. The mind is the intellect. Soul is also to do with emotions [feelings]. Emotions are to do with the heart. So soul is to do with both the mind and heart. We put all our heart and our entire mind in to soul. Soul is also to do with the will. In other words what we want comes from the soul. God in His love placed a will with us. We share this will / inheritance from Gods Son Jesus. But there is an opposite will coming from the enemy. We call this enemy Satan. So there are two wills opposing each other. One will is for good and one will is for bad.

We as humans are cultivators. We cultivate our minds and hearts. Thus our thinking and emotions are cultivated. To cultivate is to keep our souls clean. We keep the weeds out and to nurture the good in us. We feed our souls [minds and hearts] with the good seed [words] and weed out the bad seed [words].

Thinking and emotions go together. They both work side by side. The will is the steering mechanism. We guide our soul [emotions and thinking] by the will. The will is a conscious component of the rest of our soul. The will is guided by decision and this decision is guided by good or bad decision. Good is willing to obey God and bad is willing to obey Satan. God is good and Satan is bad. We choose what we will want. We do have a choice.
“I think therefore I am” can be extended in its meaning to include the emotions and the will. I am because I think and feel and I am willing to choose good or bad. God said to Moses that His own God name was “I am who I am”. God did not mention His thinking or His emotions in His name. Also no mention was made of His will in His name. God was and is simply God. God is the simplest denominator and also the largest denominator. He is like as one atom and all atoms at the same time together. To understand one atom we can understand all atoms together. To understand one person we can understand every person. God did not say that He was thinking. Philosophers down the centuries align thinking with wisdom. They say that thinking makes a person. God does not say that. God says reason and insight makes wisdom. To reason is to obviously think. To reason is to ask questions. In other words we are asking the reason for things. What? Where? When? Why? How? God is a God of reason. He wants us to reason. To reason is to become wise. Reasoning is like sifting; it gets us closer to the truth [Get those nuggets of gold – the insights]. To get truth one has to question. Answers come after questions. Questioning is like the tool of wisdom / reason. We must do the spade work to get the truth. Once the truth is gained we get insight. Truth does not come from Satan. Satan rules in the dark. God is of the light. Insight is of the light. To see we need light. Truth is light. So as human beings we can think; unlike any other creature. We were given the word by God. To reason and think we need the word. Without the word we can not gain knowledge. “I think therefore I am” needs to bring into it the emotions component. We can say ‘I feel therefore I am’. Or better still “I think and feel therefore I am”. Soul is to do with emotions as well as thinking so we need to build the emotions component in to any idea of who we are as humans. This is because we as humans are soul and soul has emotions. Then there is the will. But God brings neither thinking; emotions or will into His name. Gods name “I am who I am” is all that is needed to describe God. We humans can also say “we are who we are’’. So me Lester – “I am who I am”. But I am not God.

I wrote the above in 2007 [with some alterations made today].
I am having certain misgivings about the theology that I chose to think in [in the past and as written above] about the subject on feelings and thinking in connection to soul. Christian teachers taught in the past and no doubt still do that soul comprises thinking and emotions [we call emotions feelings].

In my present discernment I see thinking as a soul function and feeling as a body function. Soul to me is to do with the head as feelings concern the heart and the heart is in the body. Thinking and feeling are two different responses. Feeling is a sense a body sense. Thinking is not a sense. Thinking relies on senses for information. The head has the senses of seeing; hearing; tasting and smelling. Does thinking rely on the feeling sense or is not feeling required for a wise perception. Jesus is the head of the church body – does Jesus rely on feelings. The head is in charge not the body. Feelings should not be in charge. We should not let feelings lead us. The soul is the head function and the soul thinks and the soul to think needs the head senses not the body sense to help it govern. To rely on feelings is not wise. Immature people who have not a full converted soul of Christ tend to rely on their feelings for information. Does the soul rule the body? Modern churches will say that the Spirit of God rules the church the body. The modernist churches cry wolf when people talk about soul ruling. Such soul rulers are called soulish Christians. Soul, modernists say adamantly, does not rule, God’s Spirit rules. In my perception God’s Spirit is in the heart. The kingdom of God is within the heart and maybe in the soul. By letting the Spirit rule the body we are letting the heart rule the body and thus the body rules itself not the head ruling the body. The head obviously rules the body the heart does not rule the body and the body should no way rule itself. So is the soul in the head? We say the mind is in the head. When we talk about mind we think about thinking. Thoughts go with mind. Mind and soul are similar or the same. Mind is in the head so we think of soul in the head. Thinking goes with the brain not with the heart. The brain goes with mind. Does the heart think or does all thinking go with the brain? Mature thinkers think from the head the head rules. Immature thinkers who are more guided by their bodily desires can not excuse themselves from having their head rule. Body and head ruling are two different things. There is only one head as there is only one body and both do not rule. The body has to submit in all areas to the head. Feelings do not rule, thinking rules. “We think and we are”. It is not we think and feel and we are”.

In everything humans think they are clever. We must not even focus on thoughts. Thoughts are a channel to God. We would have to give up “I think therefore I am” and replace it with “I am who I am”. God does not want any idols; thoughts too can be idols; it is “I am who I am” and nothing else. We humans are as gods not God. Philosophers think and think and think and then they make thinking their idol.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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