The Essence to Life lies in “Oneness” and “Simplicity”

Scientists may and do say that “The essence to life lies in complexity”.
The Prophet of God believes that “Oneness” enshrines what God is about. The Prophet of God is a person of insight. Insight is the Prophets major gift. The Prophet is called a seer; they see in the spiritual realm. A Prophet knows the value of “oneness” because the Prophet sees great value in been properly focussed. To stay focussed is to be sane. To stay sane is to be focussed and to be focussed means focussing on “one”. The Prophet understands the importance of focus on “oneness” because the Prophets have deep insight. Complexity is about “manyness”. Scientists usually deal in complexity because they enshrine “manyness”. Some people talk about lateral thinking instead of single one forward thinking. Lateral thinking is side ways thinking it is trying to think of many at the same time. In my understanding thinking is best done according to the insight one has. Thinking should be aligned with insight and insight should be focussed on one. Thinking and insight go together. We should think straight and see straight. Lateral thinking to me is many thinking and seems not to have proper focus. Take our physical eyes – they need focus and to focus properly means to see “one”. Our spiritual eyes also need to see “one” to stay focused. To be focussed is to be sane. “Oneness” is about the “one” God the “one” God Head. There is “one” head on top of our shoulders “one” head to “one” body. The head is in charge. We need to be focussed on the “one” God Head. Look up not down life comes from above. Heaven is above. “Manyness” thinking is about idol worship; worshipping many idols. The senses of a person are in the head [touch, a sense and a feeling sense people would say is from the body – I say is the feeling sense a reliable sense]. We must enshrine the head not the body. When we relate to a person we should relate to their head. Look at the head. We should know a person by their face not just by their body. We know a person better by seeing their face [head]. The head identifies a person. If we take a photo of a person and not include their head front view we do not know that person just by looking at that photo of the person’s body. But if we take a photo of a persons head front view and not include their body we still know that person just by looking at the photo of the person’s head.

The caveman discovers the first orange tree. He picks an orange from that tree. He eats it, it is nice to eat. He does not wait to think “how did that tree grow”; where is the essence of life of that tree? Where is the essence of life in that orange? The essence of life in that tree and orange is in “oneness” and “simplicity”. The caveman in eating the orange eats the seeds in that orange. The caveman does not stop to think that those seeds he ate were the essence of life of the tree and orange. The simple seeds each seed a “simple oneness”. The seed planted in the ground and wow another orange tree and more oranges. Life is in the seed [and also in the tree and orange]. Life began with the seed. The seed gives life to a tree. The tree gives life to an orange. The orange gives life to seeds. But it must begin with the seed. One seed can make many trees. The universe is an “oneness”. It must have started with a seed; one seed to one universe. God’s Spirit gave the seed the “simple one” beginning to make a “one” uni [one] verse; universe; the atomic nuclear explosion of all explosions. An explosion planned out with total intelligence. God thinks; he knows; he knew the outcome of the “big bang”. The orange seed grows in to a tree; it is all planned out; it is not a chance happening; the seed grows to what God predestined the result to be. So with the universe the universe grew to be what God planned it to be [The living Words of God did what were planned for them].

Truth is in simplicity not complexity. Truth is simple it is always the “simple truth”. Scientists think that they are clever to look to the complexity. Vain and vainer they are to think that it is called the “complex truth”. Relationships between people thrive on simplicity. We think of the scientist and their complexity and how they relate to other people. The simple things in life are the best things in life. Keep it simple. Relationships do not thrive on complexity. Scientists – seemingly forgoing simplicity and avoiding relationships with other people because they simply do not relate properly. Relationships between people should rely on the simple truth not complex truth. Complex truth is a counterfeit of the simple truth. God is a “simple oneness”. To get truth look to the “one” true God not look to the many idols [gods]. Focus on the “one” “simple’’ God.

“The essence to life lies in “oneness”.
“The essence to life lies in “simplicity”.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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