Man on top or woman on top – What is perverted?

Who rules? Does the man or the woman rule? The bible is very specific on the ruling hierarchy of a man and a woman in a marriage. “The husband is the head of the wife”. This is not some fanciful idea made up by men to control women for their own desires. The husband ruling the wife is right from the wisdom of God. In other words it is God ordained. It is God’s will. The bible goes on to say “Jesus Christ is the head [In Word] of the husband”. Maybe it is saying that the husband has the mind of Christ. But does the wife have the mind of Christ? So Christ is the head of the husband and the husband is head of his wife. All biblically written. So the head of the wife is the husband; does this mean the wife’s mind has a thinking pertaining to her husband. So for the wife to think of her husband is good. If the wife focuses on her husband that is good and if the wife desires her husband that is good. Eve the first female human being desired her husband Adam. The husband has the head of Christ so if the husband is focused on the above it is on Christ. Looking to the above is what it is all about. We direct our growth to the above. We grow up in other words. Up as in above. Plants grow up; upwards. To grow and mature we need to grow upwards. For the wife to mature she needs to look to Jesus Christ and allow the headship of Christ to rule through her husband. For the husband to mature he needs to look to Jesus Christ and also he is to love his wife as he would love his own body. The head of Jesus Christ is God the Father. So now we have the divine heavenly understanding of true authority in a marriage. The wife is under the husband in authority and the husband is on top of the wife in authority otherwise the relationship between the man and the woman is perverted. Perverted is turning away it is turning away from the divine of God. If a wife is in charge of her husband and as such she rules him the relationship will be perverted. The man is meant to rule from the top. The top is the head. The head is on top of the body the relationship is ruled from the head. Christ rules through the husband to the wife. If the head is not in charge then the body tries to rule; such a ruling from the body is perverted. The body does not think; it has little power; the head should rule the body not the body rule the head. When a man loves his wife he is coordinated from his head his head is all alive his senses are all aware. We in the church have a living wise head. The head mind of Christ is powerful. The head of Christ rules over all other gods. The wife must submit to the husband’s mind of Christ. The husband must love the wife as Christ loves the church.

All this teaching about who is on top of course is directed only at followers of Jesus Christ. People who do not follow Christ and are not in the church need not follow such teaching written here. The people in the Church of God of Jesus Christ have to know that what the bible says about women and men and their authority relationship is ordained by God the creator himself. If anyone in the church disputes this wisdom mentioned then that person alienates themselves from the Father God; Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is very important to understand the God Head and its relationship with men and women. The God Head is called the Head because it is the Head.

The bible goes on to say that “women are not to teach or have authority over men”. People might say that teaching was for the time when Jews ruled more; that was Old Testament teaching. We live in New Testament times now and have done for centuries; things have changed. Such teaching was for just at church services in the old days. We are more enlightened now we know more.

But I say that the church is not just a building; when we talk about church it is the body just as surely that each human has a body. The body is our home in the truest sense. We are church / body wherever we go; we are in the body / church day and night. The kingdom of God is within the body not in a building. The New Testament of the bible tries to show that we humans are the body of Christ. So in Christ the teaching that “women do not teach men or have authority over them” is just not for in a building or not just for the past we carry this directive with us all the time in our bodies. Such teaching is true God wisdom. Such teaching is there to help us.

Jesus even had to tell Mary his mother not to tell him what to do. Jesus and Mary were at a wedding at Cana. Mary went up to Jesus and said “there is no more wine”. Jesus said “it is not my time yet” meaning Mary you do not give me orders. Jesus at 30 years of age was not taking orders from any woman and also not from his mother. For Jesus to take orders from a woman would have been very unnatural. God does not take orders from women [The head does not take orders from the body. The head gives the orders to the body – that is natural]. Most of mankind is now in some sort of perversion. Men worship women and women worship nature [creation]. In other words for a lot of people the God ordained wisdom of God is not been acknowledged and the wisdom now is going upside down. We are to worship upwards not downwards. Pagans worship nature. Christians have the benefit of true wisdom through Jesus Christ we must live as Christ wants. Such wisdom is health to our bones and bodies. We live a victorious life if we live in Christ’s wisdom.

Let me say the teachings mentioned in these said writings are specifically for Christians it is for those Christians who are in the body of Christ. Other people outside the body / Church of God can also obey these teachings it will only be of help to them. God’s wisdom is good health to the body.

We humans are born from a body. We come from a body. We are born from a female body. We think that the body rules. We think that the body created us. The head created us not the body. We are sown in a body a female’s body. We are seed that comes from the father the head makes us. We may even think that our mother created us. We must have faith and belief and look to the father. We nestle and put our roots down in the mother but we grow upwards to the father. Stability comes from a good and wise mother but direction and protection come from the father.
We are spirit / soul.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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