Original thought – Is it simple?

The simple become wise or is it the simple become complex or is it just the simple become mature or is it the simple evolve?

We start simple but what happens after our simple beginnings?
Language does it begin simple and does it go on to become complex? Language does mature but in its maturing it gets refined. Language over time goes through many refining sessions. We do not want to lose connection with our simple beginnings. Refinement keeps the notion of simplicity at the forefront of our perception.

Life starts with one. God is all about ONE. God is one and He does not change. The baby made in the mother’s womb is made in a complete oneness. God made the baby with no attachments. No part of the baby’s body formation was made with attachments. Did the baby evolve [by chance] in the mother’s womb or was there an inherent universal intelligence guiding in the making of the baby? Makes me think did the baby’s brain first make an initial appearance but I do not know. Complex to me is about attachments. Complex has been thought as complicated and again complex has been thought of as confusing. Then again is complex diabolical? Diabolical is prone to the dark side of thinking and is dangerous thought as it leads to death. God is one not many He exists in pure oneness with no attachments. God’s energy comes from the power of oneness. Complex having attachments is weak. Attachments can break off there is division here. “United we win divided we fall”. Complex pitted against oneness say in attrition the complex will fall. Complex people [in thought] have all sorts of weak complexes. A simplex person just needs to stand their ground their oneness will win. Simplex is pure oneness there is no complexity in it; there is no division in it. Satan’s thoughts are diabolical of complexity and because of this Satan’s church is full of division and division fails. God wants His church to be a church of oneness an oneness of thought. Satan is divided so Satan fights Satan. Snakes fight snakes there is fear in their thinking they use fear to get their way. Do not marry a snake there will be fear over riding the relationship. For a Christian to marry a snake this is complete madness there is no happiness here.

So God created from one. One created the universe. One verse was used in the creation. Creation the universe is one. When God made in the beginning did he make separate parts of the universe? Did God make the universe in one spoken verse? Did God make the universe from Words? Was original thought at the beginning of time so powerful that original thought with spoken Words could create a universe? One verse spoken out created the universe. It sounds like that God is a poet speaking in to being the universe with a spoken verse. We humans use words all the time and we know words can harm or heal. But scientists have they studied the power of words spoken or thought? So scientists have to study the power of words to really even get close to God. The Bible tells us that God is the Word. So if God is the Word does it not make sense He would use Word to make the universe?

Evolution is spoken of as a chance happening. Creation some people say is not an intelligently designed happening but came about by chance. So God is not the brains behind all creation? God is not in the brains of the humans? God is Word. Do we need word / Word? Why forsake the word when we use it to live by? Sceptics say God is not the creator of all life and yet they use the very words that they speak against. Without words we are useless we are like animals we are thoughtless we without thoughts are reduced to living by instinct. Instinct is living without thought. There are WORDS and there are words God WORD and mankind word. But God Words are the base by what we think; God Words are the foundation of mankind’s words. Without a foundation we might as well be up with the fairies. We must have a frame of reference to live by and that frame of reference is God’s Words. Besides without a frame of reference / foundation we fall in to perversion. To pervert is to turn away from. People turn away from their creator to worship nature; Mother Nature; they worship creation. We are not meant to worship the mother. The father gave the seed we are from that seed. The seed from the father is sown in the mother [Earth / nature] but it grows up; up to the father. True the seed grows its roots in to the mother earth. So we humans come from seed originally. The cycle begins.

So we have a lot of intelligent pagan believing people worshipping Mother Nature. They think that they are clever to worship the mother they think that the egg is more important than the seed. Alas they are either deceived or they are just deliberately belligerent against the father. They might even hate the father.

We should not forget our humble simple beginnings; keep it simple; simple is clear; simple is without guile; be original in simplicity of thought; don’t forsake the father / Father — That is true Godly wisdom.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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