The One Holy Spirit or the many Holy Spirits – What is it to be one or many?

I am not totally sure about the answer for the topic of this article. When I was a young Christian and young in thought and deed my heart would have pounced on this topic question with glee convinced that all [Ok I will say it for the “Modernists”] ‘born again’ Christians each have their own Holy Spirit.

In my younger age I was also of the opinion that the heart ruled not the head. How wrong I was the heart definitely does not rule the body. The head rules the body and this is far from just opinion it is known fact. Who has the brains? The head we all know that. The heart does not have the brains. The brains rule the body. So in my youth I was less organised and immature in thought and such my headship in Christ was still not fully lit up in God. Jesus Christ is the HEAD not the heart of the body. We in Christ get over time a headship of Christ meaning we get a mind / soul of Christ. We learn to think like Christ.

So why do I speak about the head and the heart? Where does the Holy Spirit come in to all this? I am of the opinion that the Holy Spirit is in the heart. But we know that the heart does not rule. Hey people might say “The Holy Spirit rules. The Holy Spirit is God. The Holy Spirit rules from the heart”. Yes this all sounds feasible. The Holy Spirit is in what we call the “God Head”. But the Holy Spirit is not in the head it is in the heart. The Holy Spirit may come from the head. The “God Head” is Father God [Left side] and Son God Jesus Christ [Right side]. So does the Holy Spirit rule from the heart? Does the Holy Spirit rule the human body; the Church; the world; the heavens; the earth? The Holy Spirit in my opinion [conjecture] does not rule; the Father and Son rule. The Father and Son rule from above; they rule from the headship. The Father and Son rule from above from the heavens. The brains rule; the brains give the orders to the body. God is the brains of the body. The heart does not give the orders to the body. We humans are spirit as well as soul [mind]. Does our human spirit rule the body? Are Spirit / spirit meant to rule body? God above is God soul? Should soul rule? I do not know if soul is meant to rule or spirit is meant to rule. A lot of modernists will say Spirit rules not soul. Soul in an immature mind should not rule but with time and much wisdom soul is better prepared to rule. Soul is above and spirit is below; head above and heart below.

So all answers to life are right in our own back yard all answers to life look us right in the face but we have to look behind that face. We do not take things at face value we look behind that face and see the real person. The real person is the soul of that person. The soul lies behind the physical face of that person. Spirit / spirit help us to perceive the soul. We see the soul through spirit. Spirit, God Spirit gives us light.

The Holy Spirit was used by God to create the universe or was it. The Holy Spirit has power. But we are also told that Jesus Christ is the power and wisdom of God. Jesus Christ sits above at the right side. Hey Jesus is the brains of the body as is the Father God the brains of the body two parts of the brain having equal control of the body. We like to think that the mind is in the head but the mind is the soul thus soul is in the head. God does the thinking from the soul / mind / head. In my youth my mind / soul was not developed but in my maturity my soul / mind / brain has matured in thought thus I am wiser and more understanding.

Is there one Holy Spirit? Each Christian especially the “modernists” will say that they have the Holy Spirit. So in the minds of many Christians there are many Holy Spirits like millions of Holy Spirits and more to come. Jesus was given the Holy Spirit and each Christian is also anointed with the Holy Spirit. But can an anointing be a sharing in of the One Holy Spirit. There is the kingdom of God ONE kingdom of God. We as Christians share in the ONE body of Christ not 2 bodies not 3 or 4 or 5 bodies but the ONE body. Where there is one body there is one Holy Spirit. The Christians try to divide the body up as they try and divide the Church up. They even try to divide the kingdom of God up. The kingdom of God is under assault from outside and inside modernists fighting traditionalists and vice versa. Satan the enemy fights also. Satan is on the outside.

So the kingdom of God; does it have one Holy Spirit or millions of Holy Spirits? In the book of Acts [Bible] it is written that on Pentecost day tongues of fire came down on people and people spoke in different languages. Many tongues not one tongue came down on the many people. But I emphasise the word tongue here. Tongue as in the gift of tongues; tongues of fire do not necessary mean many Holy Spirits coming down on people. Tongues are a gift so this could mean that gifts of the Holy Spirit came down on the peoples.

The baptism by the Holy Spirit can mean a cleansing by the Holy Spirit a long with an inclusion in the one body of Christ and into the one kingdom of God. I do believe that God gives gifts to his church. So each person in the body gets a gift or gifts and these gifts may be spiritual in nature. The Holy Spirit definitely came down on Jesus while he was in the Jordan River. Been in a river means water and water is for cleansing. Jesus was no sinner but He set an example for us to be cleaned by God. Cleansing is important for God. God wants us to be physically clean and also spiritually clean. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

I am interested in this theory that there maybe only ONE Holy Spirit. Why? Prophets are people who discern oneness as one of the main building blocks of life. To see oneness is to see God. To see oneness is to understand God. Oneness is all about God. We are many but we are one. We are one but we are many. So is the Holy Spirit one of many and is he many of one? To be honest I am not sure. I do not know. I am just trying to think it through and I have not reached a conclusive result. Such a result to the topic question of this article still evades me. The reason is because God is a God of mystery. God likes to be mysterious. God does not reveal all. Maybe over time God will reveal himself more.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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