Enlightenment – Light, Light, Light

In light; light inside; light inside the body and head.

If our eyes are clear our bodies are clear. If our eyes are full of light our bodies are full of light.

The body is the body of Christ. The body is the Church.

To know the church in full is to know our own bodies.

We Christians carry the headship of Christ and our bodies are the body of Christ. If we accept into our souls the fullness of Christ’s thinking we have the insight of God and we are able to see all. The darkness in our bodies is now no more as we carry the light of God in us. The Spirit of God is all light. When we come to Christ we come out of the darkness. Our human spirit may have some light when we come to God but after many generations of generational sins the human spirit loses its light. We come to God without light all together [spiritually blind] or we are dim in light so we see a little. The light overcomes the darkness the darkness does not overcome the light. By faith we are saved. A new comer to Christ waits for the soul and body to assume more light over time. Eventually a person may be fully lighted up. We must persevere in our faith to let the light of God do its work. Evil works in the darkness seldom in the light. That does not mean that enlightened creatures [humans] of God do not sin; they sin. As long as we humans are in a corrupt body we sin.

People talk about “I will put out your lights”. Such terminology applies to put out the human spirit. Quench the human spirit put out its fire. The fire of our spirit lets us see; if our fire is put out we are defenceless. The fire of our human’s spirit keeps away bad intruders who love to be in the dark.

The elect of God are given the Holy Spirit. We now have God within [or God with us]. God within is called the Emmanuel God. The Holy Spirit helps save us saving us means bringing us out of the dark ignorance into the light of truth. When we accept Jesus Christ and accept the salvation message of Christ we must give up the sins of the world we must accept the true light and remain in the light and not sin. However if we do sin we have an advocate in Jesus Christ; Jesus will advocate on our behalf to the Father God who will forgive us our sins when we confess.

The light of God overcomes all the darkness in our soul and body. True enlightenment only comes from God through Jesus Christ.

The Words of Christ are supreme to all other words and these words help save us. Jesus reaches out his hand to us to rescue us; He reaches out in Word and deed. Be careful you do not clasp on to some other hand that other hand not of Christ might pull you into the darkness and eventually into hell. Trust only Jesus Christ to save you.  

If we want to know about human wisdom and it’s enlightenment we must go to the early Greeks and their human wisdom. Alot of wisdom in the western world is based on Greek wisdom. In my opinion human wisdom beginning with the Greeks has buggered up the human body on a colossal size. Christ was and is no bugger. Christ wisdom is the only true wisdom and is the only wisdom free of any buggery. But do people want to be a straight die? Some maybe but a lot want to work on both sides of the fence one foot with Jesus and the other foot with the world.

Greek wisdom has hung around and it is still taught as if it is the Gospel truth. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are treated like God’s [Greek Gods] by the people who call themselves educated.

Human wisdom had a lift up during the time of the French Revolution. The populous of France in getting rid of the King saw a chance to get rid of the priests. This age was called the Age of Enlightenment; it was so called simply because people now did not look to the Catholic priests for their knowledge. People studied the sciences apart from the Church. Academies of learning were set up. Logic; reason and the sciences were taught without any allegiance to Rome [Vatican]. People gave up the Church and they gave up God. Atheism an ism without any religion took a foot hold in Europe and this spread to the world. People wanted to release themselves from the shackles of religion in any form. Universities became popular and people wanted to learn science.

We must however not forget that freedom from Roman Catholism and its hold came about before the Age of Enlightenment. Martin Luther a Catholic priest denounced the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church ways. Martin set up a church counter to the Catholics. Basically Martins dogma was similar to the Catholics but differed in the way of salvation. Martin offered that the way of salvation was only through faith and denied that works can save the soul. The Catholics branded Martin a heretic and Martin was fortunate to escape with his life; luckily or was it Gods will Martin had people who were of high positions in the world who protected him.

I ask is enlightenment in this world to be aligned with freedom from any form of religious belief and dogma and therefore free to believe what we like. The Catholics in the early days controlled the knowledge or what we call truth. To control the truth and what is truth the Catholics even tortured and killed people. The Catholic priests became killers in there wanting to be the guardians of truth [truth in their eyes]. Of course the priests’ killing was all sanctioned by the Vatican.

With the Age of Enlightenment came atheism; atheism the anti God. With enlightenment came humanism; the arts and theatre and human beings been the centre of life; all flourished under this age of enlightenment.

We have human wisdom apart from God man made and buggering up the human race. The Catholic Church had become too mean. The people wanted to remove their shackles of this mean spirited church and its mean sentinels the priests. The church was losing its way. Money, wealth, position and status were becoming part of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church needed cleaning up but alas what happened was schism. Schisms are not new to the church. Schisms are part of the church and mean that everything is not well; Church’s at intervals need to be introspective and ask what we need to improve. The church leaders need to listen to the flock as a whole.

Human wisdom is wisdom gained apart from God. God’s wisdom is only through Jesus Christ.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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